WEEE Directive

All waste generated in Siemon Manufacturing and Office locations is reused, re-purposed, recycled or composted when practicable. Disposal of all waste in Siemon's manufacturing and office locations is controlled in full compliance our progressive ISO 14000 certified Environmental Management Systems.

Because structured cabling products fall under the ‘large-scale fixed installation’ category of the WEEE Directive (Article 3.1c of 2012/19/EU), these products are not in the scope of the WEEE directive. However, in the spirit of the Producer Responsibility Principle of the WEEE directive, Siemon accepts returns of authentic Siemon Products (herein referred to as "Products") for the purpose of recycling and environmentally responsible disposal, provided that those returns are authorized in advance through our Return Material Authorization (RMA) System and shipped to the original source location of each Product being returned at the owner's expense. Siemon bears no responsibility for any transportation, storage or import costs for such returns, or for issuing any credit for returned Products under this policy. Once Authorized Product returns are received at the exact location(s) designated by Siemon and confirmed to be authentic, Siemon takes responsibility for proper disposal and recycling of such returns in an environmentally responsible way that maximizes the amount of recoverable material. Receipts that are determined not to be authentic Siemon Products will be returned at the sender's expense.

To obtain an RMA number or additional information, please contact customer_service@siemon.com.