Category 6 UTP Cabling Systems

Comprehensive suite of end-to-end systems in a variety of Category 6 performance levels

Siemon offers multiple levels of system performance based on our high-performance category 6 UTP connectivity, including System 6 with exceptional margin on all parameters that exceeds ISO/IEC and TIA connecting hardware and channel performance specifications and Solution 6 that delivers a cost-effective, standards-compliant system for installation where additional performance headroom is not required.

 Solution 6System 6Premium 6Premium 6
Performance MarginMeets Category 6 standardsMargin on all Category 6 parametersHigh margins on all Category 6 parametersHighest margins on all Category 6 parameters
FeaturesIdeal where headroom not requiredExceeds TIA/EIA and ISO/IEC connecting hardware and channel performance specificationsMargin on all parameters beyond category 6 and positive Power Sum ACR out to 250 MHz Achieve record termination time with Z-MAX Outlets
(When Installed by Siemon Certified Installer)
20-Year System Warranty20-Year System Warranty20-Year System Warranty20-Year System Warranty
GlobalGlobalNorth AmericaNorth America

Ultra Fast Terminations


Z-MAX® 6 modules offer fast termination while removing variability for consistently high and repeatable performance, and MAX® 6 UTP modules are terminated in as little as 18 seconds with the MAX TurboTool.

  • Z-MAX and MAX modules feature Siemon’s patented crowned jack contact geometry that improves electrical and mechanical performance
  • Z-MAX hybrid modules support flat and angled mounting, while MAX modules come in angled, flat and keystone styles

Z-MAX Realtime 60 Second Termination


MAX TurboTool Overview

Versatile Patch Panel Options


Siemon offers a wide range of patch panels in flat and angled versions, a variety of densities and in-line coupler panels for front and rear patching.

  • Z-MAX 6 and MAX panels come in 24- and 48-port versions in both flat and angled versions with Quick-Snap feature to easily snap outlets into place
  • Siemon’s HD® 6 UTP panels offer universal 110 style punch down and highly visible port identification and labeling
  • MAX in-line coupler panel is a compact 1U design that allows you to plug an RJ45 plug into both sides

Full Line of Cords and Trunks


Siemon offers several innovative category 6 patch cord options, as well as factory terminated and tested copper trunking assemblies for faster deployment scenarios.

  • MC® 6 UTP modular cords offer superior performance and strain relief, while IC 6 UTP solid cords are available single or double-ended
  • SkinnyPatch™ 6 UTP modular cords offer an overall smaller diameter via a 28 AWG stranded copper construction for improved airflow and increased flexibility in high-density patching areas
  • BladePatch® 6 UTP modular cords feature an innovative push-pull boot design for easy access and removal in tight spaces and a low-profile boot to optimize side stackability
  • Category 6 UTP trunking cable assemblies with Z-MAX or MAX modules are factory terminated and tested for high performance and clearly labeled for proper orientation

Category 6 Cable


Siemon offers a wide range of Category 6 cables for all of our solutions, delivering superior performance for 10/100/1000BASE-T applications.

  • Siemon's Premium 6 cable available in riser, plenum and LS0H provides performance exceeding Category 6 transmission levels. Combine our high performance Z-MAX Category 6 connectivity with Premium 6 cable and the result is a Category 6 system with superior electrical performance, headroom above industry standard transmission levels and industry-leading termination for a high level of immunity to installation variables and application support over the life of your cabling system
  • System 6 cable provides significant headroom above all TIA and ISO/IEC category 6 transmission performance specifications. It is also available in LS0H, plenum and riser with reverse sequential numbering and a minimal center isolation member for reduced overall diameter
  • Solution 6 cable meets or exceeds all ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC Category 6 transmission performance specifications. It is available in LS0H and plenum, and our plenum design eliminates the central isolation member common to many category 6 UTP cables, reducing overall cable diameter. It is also available in outside plant (OSP) for direct burial, aerial and underground conduit applications