Move beyond convention with the next evolution in UTP connectivity.

Cabling Innovators Gold Honoree

The Siemon UltraMAX copper connectivity system blends usability, quality, and performance within a single platform ideal for your category 5e, 6 and 6A UTP deployments. UltraMAX outlets maximize usability, quality and performance into a sleek footprint that’s ideally suited for users to deliver quick, reliable terminations the first time, every time. UltraMAX patch panels maximize functionality, aesthetics and industry-leading performance into a format that will allow users to configure their ideal system.

While category 6A is recommended for new installations and continues to gain market share, all three UTP performance levels comprise infrastructure across global enterprise spaces. With the volume and diversity of connected devices and systems being deployed, you need a platform that will support you for years to come. UltraMAX is that platform. Built on Siemon’s existing copper innovation with a fresh perspective on meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow, UltraMAX is ready to lead the way as our newest, most efficient UTP copper connectivity system.

“We were very excited to have the opportunity to be the first to install UltraMAX connectivity into one of our projects. UltraMAX exceeded our expectations in every way. The termination process was simple, intuitive and easily repeatable. The crew was really happy and recognized instantly that these outlets were a huge improvement compared to products they worked with previously. We shave timed off every termination and had essentially no rework after link testing. This UltraMAX install was a blessing in disguise and we are looking forward to using these products again on upcoming projects. ”

Mike Castle  (The Cable Guy, LLC)
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UltraMAX Copper Connectivity System

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The Next Evolution in Category 5e, 6, and 6A UTP Connectivity

UltraMAX Termination

Engineered with Industry-Leading Innovation

As a leader in copper connectivity, Siemon designed UltraMAX with a fresh perspective, simplifying our existing ranges into a new, unified footprint — taking the categories you know to a new level of excellence.

Packed with Intuitive, Time-Saving Benefits

With fast, consistent terminations and flexible mounting options, UltraMAX reduces installation time by 20% and avoids costly re-works, allowing any skill level to reliably terminate critical connections with ease.

Multiple Options to Suit Your Specific Needs

UltraMAX includes multiple outlet styles that can be terminated with your tool of choice and a full line of flat and angled patch panels that let you configure and install systems ideally suited to your needs.


“UltraMAX made our work very simple, there are way fewer steps than typical panels and fewer steps are always good. We loved how the product dresses and it was very easy to terminate. UltraMAX is an exceptional new product from Siemon.”

Tony De Sousa & Irvon Patrick, Siemon Certified Installers from NIS (Network Installation Services, Inc)

UltraMAX Delivers

 icon-Fast Installation

Fast Installation
UltraMAX components are designed to simplify and speed deployments.

icon-Superior Flexibility

Superior Flexibility
A wide range of work area, termination, and patching options meet any installation preference.

icon-Flawless Aesthetics

Flawless Aesthetics
Stylish outlets and scratch resistant patch panels provide a sleek, seamless look.

The UltraMAX Copper Connectivity System

UltraMAX offers a wide array of outlets, patch panels, and termination tools that allow users to support their unique category 5e, 6, and 6A UTP network deployments and installation preference. These components combine Siemon’s pedigree of copper connectivity innovation and customer-first design, to address your challenges, remove the compromises and provide a single platform that delivers efficiencies across all lifecycle stages — from manufacturing and distribution to installation, maintenance and operation.

Better Value, Same Siemon Innovation


  • UltraMAX's common platform for category 5e, 6, and 6A UTP leverages Siemon's high degree of automation to reduce cost and ensure flexible capacity in evolving markets.
  • UltraMAX features a unique linear lacing design allowing users to terminate from either side and deliver ultra-fast, consistent terminations, every time. UltraMAX allows users to terminate all four pairs in one action using the UltraMAX TurboTool or 4-pair impact tool.
  • UltraMAX expands the capacity and cost-effectiveness of our category 6A UTP offering, while preserving the fast, consistent termination and easy installation you've come to know and value.
  • UltraMAX 6A provides installers who prefer a punch-down outlet with a great option, coupled with a smaller overall footprint, which eliminates cable stress in shallow-depth environments.
  • UltraMAX includes eco-friendly packaging which is easily recycled in all global regions and is in line with our Siemon Sustainability Pledge to minimize all forms of waste.

Get Going With UltraMAX

We’ve created a series of quick ‘how-to’ videos for our UltraMAX system, each covering key features and tips you need to get the maximum from your UltraMAX installations.

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