Edge/Micro Data Center Solutions

Siemon Interconnect Solutions offers high-performance and high density physical layer infrastructure solutions for todays' edge data centers

Use of Cloud Computing by enterprise companies is exploding, precipitating a greater dependence on cloud-based applications, forcing businesses to rethink physical infrastructure equipment redundancy - both on-premise or at the Edge network provide. Cloud adoption is also driving some enterprises to hybrid cloud/on-premise data center environments (I.E.: The Edge.) This equipment provides the critical interface with applications living in the cloud. Cloud-based business operations simply cannot succeed without robust physical-layer connectivity – in a growing culture of employees and users demanding “always on” technology, downtime disruptions can be disastrous.

Siemon's Edge Computing Solutions were specifically developed to help data center professionals implement high-bandwidth, robust, and reliable distributed IT infrastructures.  Our highly-customizable solution set includes pre-configured, modular V-Built Cabinet Solutions, high-speed DACs and AOCs, high-performance fiber systems, end-to-end structured cabling and connectivity, and much more.  These best-in-class product solutions are backed by Siemon's data center services – a global team of experts laser-focused on guiding customers through process of designing and deploying ultra high-performance, flexible, and scalable Edge infrastructures.

Our Edge/MDC Resume:

  • Experience: Siemon supports many of the world’s leading Edge and MDC solution providers and system integrators with low latency, high bandwidth interconnects and fiber solutions
  • Backed by Siemon’s global manufacturing operations, we have the capabilities, capacity, and scalability to support high volume, high mix, short lead-time production – anywhere in the world.
  • A global network of Siemon data center experts and technical support, highly-trained installation and integration partners, as well as locally-stocking distributors and logistical resources.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of physical-layer data center solutions designed to deliver scalable, agile infrastructures.  This core set of quick-turn systems include:
    • End-to-end cabling and connectivity supporting speeds from 10G to 400G and beyond, supporting the performance needs of even the highest, bleeding-edge facilities:
      • DACs and AOCs
      • Pre-configured trunking cables
      • Plug and play systems
      • End-to-end cabling and connectivity from innovative patch panels and enclosures to cords and jumpers.
    • Lightways fiber ducting systems
    • OSP fiber demarcation solutions
    • Extensive family of cabinets, racks, and cable management, including pre-Configured V-Built modular cabinet solutions
    • Intelligent PDUs and thermal management systems

Standardized Edge Computing Deployments


Edge computing solutions by Siemon help you design and deploy distributed IT infrastructure in a quick, easy and repeatable way. Ranging from pre-integrated physical infrastructure for micro data centers, to configure-to-order solutions scalable at rack level Top of Rack Solutions, to highly customized solutions that give you the flexibility to meet your unique requirements.

Products for Data Center Solutions & Edge Computing

High Speed Cable Assemblies

High Speed Cable Assemblies

Siemon offers a comprehensive line of High-Speed Interconnects (HSI), including straight-through and breakout Direct Attach Cables (DAC) and Active Optical Cables (AOC) in speeds ranging from 10G to 100G, in QSFP28, SFP28, QSFP+ and SFP+ form factors up to 100GB.

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High-Density FCP3 Fiber Connect Panel

The High Density FCP3 Fiber Connect Panel economically connects, protects and manages up to 96 fibers within 1 rack mount unit.

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