High-Speed Cable Assembly
Solutions in the Data Center

Leverage high speed point-to-point cable assembly options to ensure the highest-performing, highest-quality network equipment connections for your data center systems.

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High-Speed DACs: A Viable Option
for Next Generation 5G Open RAN
and Open Edge Connections

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Ryan Harris MBA,
Siemon High-Speed Cable Assemblies Expert

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Ryan Harris is a High-Speed Cable Assemblies Market Specialist with Siemon, headquartered in Watertown, CT. Ryan has over 12 years’ experience in supporting network equipment OEM’s, hyperscale end-users, ODM’s and system integrators with point-to-point cabling solutions. Specializing in rapid deployment of system connections in the data center.

Put Siemon DAC and AOC to the test. Interested in testing a Siemon high-speed cable sample? Fill out our Customer Questionnaire to help select the high-speed cable for your network equipment connection.

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Applications - High-Speed Cable

Leverage best in class high-speed
cable application options

Industry standards - High-Speed Cable

Understanding industry
standards & interoperability

Data center budget - High-Speed Cable

How to maximize
your data center budget

future proofing - High-Speed Cable
Strategize for future
proofing data center systems

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High-Speed Cables

Siemon’s comprehensive line of industry standard high-performance, high-speed point-to-point assemblies for switch-to-switch, switch-to-server/storage applications in the data center support up to 100G and beyond designed to work with an array of leading network equipment vendors.


Active Optical Cables

Active Optical Cables (AOC), are fixed fiber assemblies of two optical engines and a fiber patch cord, which are available in stock lengths of up to 100 meters. A more cost-effective alternative to transceivers, AOCs offer an extended reach option that offer the flexibility of traditional optical modules and are available in 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G configurations.


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High-Speed DACs: A Viable Option for Next Generation 5G Open RAN and Open Edge Connections

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