Thermal Management

With energy costs continuing to rise, Siemon offers a comprehensive line of Thermal Management Solutions designed to control air flow, separate hot and cold air, and improve overall efficiency without sacrificing equipment and cabling density.

Siemon’s Thermal Management solution includes Aisle Containment and Vertical Exhaust Duct Chimney Solutions to manage the hot & cold air in the data center.

Aisle Containment Solutions


Siemon Aisle Containment Solutions are available in cold aisle containment (CAC) and hot aisle containment (HAC) with roof or vertical panels that can be easily attached to any Siemon cabinets. The cabinets are typically arranged in pod configuration to help improve cooling efficiency by preventing the mixing of hot and cold air in the data center and expand the capacity of a data center.

These systems are highly configurable with standing top and end panels, roof panels, filler panels, sel-closing or manual doors, riser brackets to raise system height, wall-mount brackets for a single cabinet row,  and more.

  • CAC uses roof panels to contain the cold air and provide targeted cooling to active equipment, isolating it from the rest of the room
  • Active CAC features roof panels that automatically open when triggered to facilitate access for sprinkler systems and other fire suppression systems in the event of a fire.
  • HAC guides hot air exhaust for an efficient return to cooling systems

Vertical Exhaust Duct Chimney Solution


Siemon’s Vertical Exhaust Duct available with any Siemon free-standing cabinet passively directs the hot exhaust heat from active equipment vertically into the return air space. By passively redirecting the hot exhaust, resulting room temperatures are lowered and HVAC efficiency is increased.

  • Ducts include integrated attachment features to allow easy setup by a single technician
  • Telescoping sections can be temporarily secured via thumb screws until final height is determined
  • When used with solid rear doors, the Vertical Exhaust Duct provides upto 93% increase in thermal capacity

Thermal Management Accessories


Siemon’s line of thermal management accessories can further help improve a facility’s cooling effectiveness

  • Durable and lightweight, SnapFit™ Thermal Blanking Panel snaps into the square holes of 1U cabinet spaces to improve thermal efficiency and reserve space
  • Angled and flat blank filler panels maintain separation between hot and cold air while improving the rigidity of racks or cabinets and providing a clean, consistent appearance 
  • VersaPOD Zero-U vertical blanking panels fit in standard VersaPOD cabinets to isolate airflow in unused Zero-U spaces
  • Rack-mount and top-mount brush guard panels allow cable pass through while still providing thermal protection to maintain hot aisle/cold aisle isolation
  • Top-mount cooling fans in 120 or 220VAC for use with all Siemon cabinets help remove hot air to keep cabinets running cool.