V800™ Cabinet Solution

Full-featured modularity with superior accessibility and efficiency

When you need to support increased cabling and equipment densities, while ensuring superior accessibility and thermal efficiency, Siemon's V800 cabinet solution has you covered.

The self-contained V800 cabinet provides a robust, cost-effective solution with valuable zero-U space on each side of the equipment rails for cable management, PDU mounting or connectivity on both the front and rear of the cabinet. Ideal for high-density environments and available as a V-Built Preconfigured Cabinet, the full-featured modular V800 is excellent as a standalone network and server cabinet or in a multi-unit bayed configuration, offering a simple, scalable expansion path in any data center.


Full-Featured Modularity


The light-weight yet stable V800 offers superior zero-U modularity on both sides and in the front and rear of the cabinet in four quadrants for copper and fiber patching, PDUs and cable management.

  • Half-height zero-U patch panels available in white, gray and black mount 2U standard 19-inch patch panels in any of the four quadrants to accommodate up to 384 ports.
  • Half-height zero-U patching channels with fingers or D-ring managers manage, secure and facilitate routing of copper and fiber patch cords and are concealed by covers
  • Full-height PDU brackets enable tool-less mounting a vertical PDU in the Zero-U space

Comprehensive Offering of Cabinet Accessories


A wide range of accessories are available for use with the V800 cabinet-for everything from additional cable management and security, to thermal management.

  • Vertical cable trays in multiple sizes can be mounted anywhere along front-to-rear cabinet rails and feature keyholes and T-shaped cutouts for cable-tie attachments, PDU mounting or accessories like ¼-turn cable managers
  • In addition to the V800's high air-flow doors, thermal management accessories like top-mount fans, vertical exhaust ducts (chimneys) blanking panels and brush panels control air flow to maximize efficiency without sacrificing equipment and cabling density
  • Also available are casters for mobility, extra equipment rails, grounding kits, adjustable equipment shelves, cabinet security solutions to prevent unauthorized access and lid divider panels for creating pathways across rows of cabinets

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