Clothing Retailer



  • Major US-based clothing retailer
  • 134,00 employees
  • 3100 retail locations globally




Facing some RF performance issues at a number of their distribution centers, the user was seeking a resource to survey the sites and provide solution recommendations. Siemon GPS worked to provide these surveys and during the process, noticed potential areas for improvement throughout the network infrastructure - a lack of a consistent infrastructure standard; unchecked moves, adds and changes; a lack of flexibility for future expansion and more.

The GPS team saw that many of these issues could directly affect system performance as well as being a source of inefficiency.


After including these issues in their initial RF survey response, GPS was asked to provide a proposal for remediation across 5 distribution centers.

During these processes, GPS was able to identify and recommend solutions to a wider array of problem areas than the user had anticipated. They were extremely happy with the service and support provided and expanded GPS's role from surveys to deployment services.


In this first project phase, Siemon GPS went from auditing a first generation RF system to providing a state of the art RF system with immeasurable expansion capabilities. In essence, GPS had become an extension of the user's team, reducing the resource challenges of wireless deployment and now contracted to provide RF services at locations worldwide.

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