Project Management & Commissioning Services

Professional Services is all about the Project Planning


GPS works with our clients at the onset of their projects to determine requirements, performance specifications, company standards, time frames and budgets. These project details are then loaded into our GPS webTRAC for clients to track project status through to completion and ensure all agreed-upon project milestones. GPS Field Engineers creates a specific customized client desk manual to streamline the planning process for all subsequent projects.

GPS Project Management/Commissioning with Global Project Visibility

With the deployment plan in place,  the GPS project team and GPS Field Operations Engineers manage the deployment process, ensuring a scope of work (SOW) that meets all client expectations, required Layer 1 cabling standards and any applicable local codes.  Based on the professional services plan and client project authorization on our turnkey project proposals, team GPS then manages and executes the accepted project SOW. The GPS team essentially becomes an extension of the client’s IT Network Infrastructure team to ensure that the remote project is meeting the project plan. GPS WebTRAC™ online multi-site project tracking application provides constant access to all project milestones and project deliverables – from site surveys, design drawings, installation inspection, site pictures and as-builts, to project SOW completion of all critical project milestones.

GPSwebTRAC™ System includes:

  • Secured real-time project dashboard reporting includes:
    • Pending authorized status
    • Real-time project status
    • Billing status
    • Completed projects status
    • Project client rating on SOW deployment
    • GPS spend by region

  • Active project management reporting and project look up is accessible by:
    • Client project or blanket PO
    • Active projects
    • Break/fix
    • I-MAC (Infrastructure-Moves, Adds, Changes)
    • Change order
    • Completed status

  • All project deliverables and commissioning reports are always available for your future network IT refresh projects

  • 24x7 secure Internet access and user password

  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface

  • Ability to set custom e-mail alerts for project milestones

  • Highly configurable milestone tracking for complex multi-site projects

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