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Another MAX® TurboTool™ World Record!

In round 1 of the MAX TurboTool Challenge, Alberto Luna set the Cat 6 MAX jack termination speed bar at a blistering 24.18 seconds.

As fast as that was, round 2 brought a new group of installation pros looking to take Albertoís title. When the dust settled, John Crawford of Elberon, IA emerged as the winner with an almost unbelievable 18 second Cat 6 MAX termination - cutting over 6 seconds from the previous record.

As you watch Johnís world record termination below, remember that he is NOT a ringer. In fact, he only had the TurboTool for a couple of days before recording his video.

If John can set a new record with just a day or two of practice, how fast could you and your team be with MAX TurboTool in your toolbox?

Watch John Crawford's Record-Setting TurboTool Termination

Download this video: MAX TurboTool termination by John Crawford (MP4)