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Another MAX® TurboTool™ World Record!

In round 1 of the MAX TurboTool Challenge, Alberto Luna set the Cat 6 MAX jack termination speed bar at a blistering 24.18 seconds.

As fast as that was, round 2 brought a new group of installation pros looking to take Alberto’s title. When the dust settled, John Crawford of Elberon, IA emerged as the winner with an almost unbelievable 18 second Cat 6 MAX termination - cutting over 6 seconds from the previous record.

As you watch John’s world record termination below, remember that he is NOT a ringer. In fact, he only had the TurboTool for a couple of days before recording his video.

If John can set a new record with just a day or two of practice, how fast could you and your team be with MAX TurboTool in your toolbox?

Watch John Crawford's Record-Setting TurboTool Termination

Download this video: MAX TurboTool termination by John Crawford (MP4)

"I have used other manufacturers’ so called ‘punchless’ termination tools in the past. You either have to use two hands to squeeze them or you have to thread each pair through a hole in the jack to get them into position. They eliminate the punchdown tool, but they don't really speed up the process. With the MAX TurboTool, I laced the conductors into the jack like I’ve done thousands of times in the past - the only difference was putting the jack in the tool and giving it a squeeze.

“Siemon didn't change the cable prep and wire placement steps that we’re all so familiar and comfortable with - they improved the ‘punchdown’ process at the end of the termination. That's where the speed is improved. This tool will work great for doing rows and rows of cubical furniture."

John Crawford

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Cabling Contractor Best Practice: The Impact of Termination Speed on Your Bottom Line

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