Racks & Cable Management

Siemon offers a wide range of racks, vertical and horizontal cable management, pathway systems and accessories to meet a variety of applications from the data center to the LAN.

Rack Systems


Siemon rack systems provide a durable solution for mounting and securing IT equipment and connectivity in telecommunications rooms and data center environments.

  • VersaPOD® 4-Post Rack offers 45U of space with a 2000 lb. load rating and zero-U compatibility, delivering an adjustable, easy-to-assemble and stable platform for mounting extended depth/size active equipment while maximizing floor space
  • RS and Value Racks provide economical and durable solutions for mounting and securing IT equipment and can be combined with vertical and horizontal managers for a complete system
  • RS3 Series Cable Management Rack System includes integrated front vertical cable management with hinged, modular covers that offer superior capacity for routing of both horizontal/backbone cabling and patch cords

Cable Tray Rack


Ideal for any telecommunications space or data center, Siemon’s Cable Tray Rack delivers 4U of easily installed and accessible 19-inch rack mount space above cabinets and racks without consuming additional floor space.

  • Adds copper or fiber patching space to maxed-out cabinets, making it ideal for anywhere space is valuable while moving cabling out of the cabinet for efficiency
  • Also ideal as a zone cabling solution in colocation data centers for distributing cabling from meet-me rooms to groups of tenant spaces
  • Attaches to overhead cable tray or ladder rack and can be mounted perpendicular
    or parallel to tray/ladder rack
  • 2U, 4U and 6U versions available with a 27 kg (60 lbs.) load rating

Cable Routing Systems


Siemon’s routing systems deliver flexible and easily-deployed pathways for overhead, under-floor and wall-mount applications in the data center and throughout the entire network infrastructure.

  • RouteIT wire mesh cable trays are available in 2-, 4- and 6-inch depths and a variety of configurations to support nearly any data center and network pathway configuration. They feature an elongated wire construction that increases the surface area to reduce cable strain and deformation

  • RouteIT under-floor cable tray comes in various depths and widths, and can be installed using mounting pedestals, brackets for multi-level pathways and horizontal/vertical under-floor supports, including a seismic-rated version

Rack Accessories


Siemon offers a full range of accessories to allow further customization of Siemon racks and cabinets.

  • Heavy-duty, fixed and adjustable solid or vented shelves for supporting equipment such as monitors, UPS units, tower servers and other non-rack mounted equipment

  • 19 to 23-inch panel adapters allow panels to fit flush with other 23-inch products

  • Swing-out patch panels hinges for easy access to rear terminations

  • Siemon offer a variety of brackets for accommodating a range of equipment, patch panels and PDUs