Siemon Certified Digital Lighting Partner (DLP)

Bringing low-voltage business opportunities to light

There is a revolution happening right over our heads. . .


The exponential growth of intelligent building and Power over Ethernet (PoE) technologies represents a unique opportunity for your company to achieve significant capital savings and operational savings reducing your buildings total cost of ownership. As traditionally disparate systems like voice, data, AV, security, access control, HVAC and more converge onto a single IP network, it is imperative that your organization specify a Siemon Certified DLP Low Voltage Contractor to deploy the network infrastructure upon which all of these technologies rely.

With the advent of commercially available PoE LED lighting including Cisco’s Digital Ceiling, you’re looking at a whole new world of construction savings, building management, and occupant experience. To capitalize on digital lighting and intelligent building opportunities, you need 2 things – a strong partner network and access to their expert knowledge.

Siemon DLP expertise – install with confidence:

  • Experienced PoE lighting system design and turn-key deployment
  • Experienced infrastructure design and deployment
  • Up to a 25-year infrastructure warranty
  • Access to industry experts including Intelligent Building Experts and the PoE Lighting Manufacturers
  • Existing relationships with PoE lighting manufacturers
  • The ability to leverage industry experts and resources to ensure your system is matched to your use case and aligns with your business goals
  • Commitment to continual training and education to better serve their customers

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Interested in Becoming a DLP?


The exponential growth of IP-based intelligent building and PoE lighting technologies is rapidly converting network cabling from its traditional role as datacom-only infrastructure to a whole building asset – and that brings a whole new world of business opportunities and growth to network and low-voltage (LV) cabling contractors. In other words. . . Your low-voltage expertise is in high demand.

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As an LV professional, you already understand the basic ins and outs of IP network deployment, and that gives you a leg up in the intelligent building and PoE lighting market. And, as a Siemon Digital Lighting Partner (DLP), you’ll gain the support, tools, and resources you need to turn your in-demand expertise into new business opportunities.

Access to Customers and Project Opportunities – The DLP program was developed to help customers deploy IP-based intelligent building and PoE lighting technologies by connecting them with low-voltage experts like you. As a Siemon DLP, your company joins a network of market leaders across the intelligent building industry. Siemon’s global alignment with top PoE equipment and lighting vendors, as well as experienced intelligent building consultants and systems integrators including Siemon Smart Partners, can expand your reach and exposure to PoE lighting and intelligent building projects through joint marketing, leads, and referral incentives.

Expertise and Support – Siemon’s DLP program is specifically designed to help you leverage your IP infrastructure expertise to become a go-to expert in the PoE lighting space. As a DLP, you gain exclusive access to:

  • Comprehensive Training and Education – From custom remote or onsite training sessions, to a growing library of educational resources such as webinars, whitepapers, technical guides and more, Siemon and its network of partners are dedicated to sharing their PoE lighting expertise with DLP contractors.
  • Expert Support – At every project phase, Siemon Intelligent Building Experts and Technical Services Group provide the resources and services you need
  • Solution Selling – Siemon helps you position the value of a high-performance converged infrastructure and PoE lighting to end-users, including direct engagement in your customer sales meetings.
  • Design Assistance – Providing  full intelligent building design and deployment services, ranging from initial design guidance and BOM reviews, to engagement with Siemon Smart Partners
  • Vendor Alignment – Helping you identify and align with the right PoE equipment and digital lighting partners for your project
  • Pre-Sales Support and Proposal Coordination – Siemon can help you with the entire proposal process, from coordination of multiple vendor information, to bid document preparation, to final proposal delivery