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From IoT to Multi-cloud: How the Value Equation Has Changed for the Data Center

With digital infrastructure shaping everything from everyday life to how we conduct business, the way value is derived from the data center is changing. Emerging technologies and applications like IoT, Power over Ethernet (PoE), cloud and edge computing, and 5G have created new value variables that have fundamentally transformed the value equation within modern data centers.

In this series of data center tech briefs, we explore the value equation within today’s modern data center, examining everything from how the equation has evolved and new designs and services, to digital infrastructure considerations, and key strategies for getting started and ensuring resiliency and support for future demands. These tech briefs will cover trends such as adopting a hybrid approach via a balance between cloud, on-prem and colocation models, as well as provide real-world use cases of companies that are successfully modernizing their business via the right digital infrastructure.

The Evolution of the Data Center

Industry Insight Brief #1:
Evolution of the Data Center Value Equation

Data Center value equation has changed over the past few decades, how these changes are impacting the market, and how some organizations are applying new value principles to build better and more reliable digital ecosystems within the data center environment.

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brief 2 -New Concepts in Data Center Design and Services

Industry Insight Brief #2:
New Concepts in Data Center Design and Services

Transitioning traditional data centers to digital infrastructure introduces new design challenges and considerations in selecting related services. For data centers looking to upgrade, it’s important to assess the age and capabilities of the systems running the most critical parts of your business.

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Industry Insight Brief #3 Thumbnail

Industry Insight Brief #3:
Digital Infrastructure for Today’s Technologies

There are vital considerations for the design and architecture of digital infrastructure within the data center as organizations seek to leverage modern technologies that will help them stay ahead of the market.

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