Bid / Tender Management

GPS services include bid management in which the design documents (IFB - Information For Bid) are distributed to qualified contractors who in turn produce quotations in accordance with the scope of work. The quotations are then analyzed for compliance and overall understanding of the project scope. A design scope meeting may be conducted to discern discrepancies and allow for final bid submissions. The final bids are then evaluated for technical and financial accuracy and a recommendation is presented to the client based on all available information. The final decision is made by the client with guidance and assistance from Siemon GPS. The bid management services include:

  • Providing a list of local qualified bidders
  • Developing instructions, bid forms, contract forms, general conditions and RFI services
  • Distribution of bid documents and facilitating bidders conference
  • Developing responses to contractor questions (RFI - Request for Information)
  • Evaluation of responses for technical and financial compliance and understanding of the scope of work
  • Facilitate contractor presentations/interviews and provide guidance and recommendations on contractor award

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