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A Legacy of Customer-First Innovation

Every year, Siemon develops innovative new solutions for data centers, intelligent buildings, and LANs  - spanning customer-focused product advances; elevating installed system performance; application standards and testing updates; educational resources; and much more. With over 400 patents specific to structured cabling and world class ISO-certified manufacturing, Siemon invests heavily in research and development, underlining the company's long-term commitment to its customers and the industry. But we don’t just innovate for innovation’s sake - voice of customer drives every facet of our operations. Within the past 5 years alone, we have released over 20 new products to fit customer needs and applications across the globe. We are a global leader in IT infrastructure solutions, and that leadership is built on Siemon innovation.

Explore Siemon’s 5 generations of customer-focused innovation.

When we asked a high school IT customer how her newly-cabled computer lab was working out, she answered “It would be perfect if I could keep the darn kids from stuffing spitballs and gum into my open outlets.” We had a good laugh, but it got us thinking...

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Carl, our former CEO, was touring a major customer data center when he saw a technician use a rusty old screwdriver to remove a fiber jumper from a switch. When Carl asked why, the tech’s answer launched a whole new family of Siemon innovations.

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When the global pandemic and material and labor shortages disrupted the global supply chain and delayed the ability for data centers to go live, we took the concept of being agile to new heights and locations.

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“At Siemon, we pride ourselves on working with some of the largest educational organizations around the world. We work collaboratively with those institutions, their partners, and our own partner ecosystems, to design and deliver best-in-class fiber optic and copper network infrastructure solutions. These future-ready installations empower organizations and their students to harness their full potential and deliver experiences that support, educate and inspire. We thank everyone involved for choosing Siemon.”

Explore what happens when a team of ICT experts experience a series of "light bulb going off" ideas that result in next generation innovations that shine a light on a specific set of customer challenges.

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When it is a planned space filled with native plants for pollinators, provides migratory birds and butterflies with habitat, and naturally filters parking lot runoff  before it flows into a nearby stream. This puddle at Siemon HQ is just another example of our innovative approach to sustainability. 

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Siemon was founded in 1903 based on an innovative compound first used for imitation staghorn knife handles - and fostering the next generation of innovators has been a core value ever since. That’s why we’re so proud to support our local Watertown High robotics team. 

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LightStack delivers a sleek, next-generation platform for supporting ultra-high-density applications for data center and IB/LAN applications. Available in Base-8 or Base-12 configurations, LightStack offers industry-leading loss performance for multimode and singlemode connectivity, allowing users to expand the possibilities of their network for now and the future.

Learn how to expand your possibilities with Ultra-High-Density Fiber Connectivity.

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Cut installation times in half with the all-new UltraMAX TurboTool, the latest addition to the UltraMAX Copper Connectivity System. The TurboTool's ergonomic design reduces termination time and streamlines Cat 5e, 6 & 6A UTP installations with effortless single-position termination for flawless, consistent results. Also included are 1U 48-Port Panels & pre-terminated trunking assemblies for a complete, high-performance cabling solution out of the box.

Move beyond convention with the next evolution in UTP copper connectivity with UltraMAX

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Released in 2022, Siemon’s LightVerse provides a range of next-generation enclosures, panels and connectivity options to provide users with the performance, flexibility and manageability they need. Available in Core, Plus and Pro configurations, LightVerse allows users to deploy up to 96-fibers in 1U, no matter the termination type (pre-term, field-term or splice), ideal for DC and LAN/IB networks. 

Start your LightVerse journey today and unlock a universe of possibilities for your network.

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Released in August 2023, Siemon’s LightVerse Copper/Fiber Combo Patch Panels bring users “The Best of Both Worlds” allowing them to overcome the challenges of maximizing space for mixed connectivity application environments. Available as flat or angled, the combo panel allows users to easily mix their high-performance fiber optic and copper connectivity within the same 1U of rack space.

Discover the benefits of our innovative copper/fiber combo panel and explore the specs.

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