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The way organizations operate around the world is continually evolving. The adoption of new business technologies and digital applications has helped to boost productivity and collaboration, while also leading to ever-increasing data and storage needs. Changing work patterns and business processes also continue to drive additional demand for rapid deployment, scalability, and reliability all while performance, costs, and operational efficiency have never been so critical.

With this increased pressure on internal IT teams, it’s unsurprising that millions of organizations are entrusting their IT to Cloud Service Providers to shoulder some of this responsibility.

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Data Center
Application Guide

At Siemon we pride ourselves on our engineering heritage, innovation, and our data center pedigree. We’ve taken this passion and focused it into our portfolio of Advanced Data Center solutions that have been designed from the ground up to support your data center requirements for now and the future.

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A Foundation for Continued Growth and Success

This need has raised understandable challenges for data center service providers like you. While your services are more important than ever, your own teams need peace of mind to be able to focus on meeting your clients’ high expectations and the top-level (99.999% uptime) SLAs you operate to.

To achieve this you need the right foundation in place. One that allows you the ability to quickly and efficiently expand provision in response to your clients’ changing needs, without worrying that your network infrastructure can’t perform and scale as required due to unexpected limitations, additional costs, or reliability issues.

You need a network infrastructure that:

  • You can trust, that is secure, adaptable, and resilient
  • Allows you to differentiate from the competition and evolve quickly to customer needs
  • Supports change at speed, rationalizes costs, and simplifies business operations
  • Helps you to realize quicker ‘time to value’
  • Empowers your teams to work more efficiently and deliver more effective outcomes

Siemon’s Advanced Data Center Solution portfolio has been specifically designed to support service providers like you with cost-effective, quick-to-deploy products that allow you to scale at speed. All backed-up by Siemon’s industry-leading quality, performance, and reliability which combine to help you reduce risk, maximize uptime, and successfully deliver new applications and services.


The World’s Leading Data Center Organizations
Rely on Siemon

The combination of our high-performance solutions, value-added services and long-standing commitment to our customers, and the wider industry, have earned us an impressive DC customer list that spans multiple markets. Discover how Siemon has helped our DC customers meet their technology needs.


The Road to 400G and Beyond

While enterprise data centers are just starting to adopt 100G speeds for switch uplinks, industry standards and active equipment for 400G applications are now available. These speeds are already rapidly gaining ground across large hyperscale and cloud service providers like you who define the market and propel technology advancements.

These trendsetters are already pushing speeds to 800 Gigabit and working to develop fiber optic technologies that enable the viability of future 1.6 and 3.2 Terabit speeds. Industry standards aren’t far behind with the IEEE Beyond 400 Gb/s Ethernet Study Group already defining physical objectives for both 800 Gigabit and 1.6 Terabit fiber optic applications.


Discover more about the journey to
400/800G in our new White Paper

Take a deep-dive into the applications, trends and technologies driving the adoption of 400/800G as well as key industry insights that will help you prepare your own organization for the road ahead.

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Key Siemon Data Center Solutions for Your Cloud Service Environments


Base-8 Plug and Play Fiber
Our Base-8 systems provide an
end-to-end solution, enabling
100% fiber utilization to support
40/100 Gb/s applications and beyond. 

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High Speed Cable Assemblies
Our comprehensive range of high
speed interconnect assemblies
 are ideal for
switch-to-server connections
to support future down-link speeds.

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LC BladePatch® Fiber Jumpers
Our innovative duplex fiber jumper features
a UniClick™ boot for easy polarity reversal
and push-pull removal, perfect for
high-density patching environments.

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