Edge Data Centers

Enabling the Next Generation of Low-Latency Transmission for Evolving IoT Applications

The next decade will give rise to a variety of connected technologies that will continue to transform and automate our everyday lives. This will include everything from fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks, to autonomous self-driving cars, to smart cities and smart factories driven by Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices. But to fully realize the potential of these technologies, we still need to overcome some key technical limitations – primarily latency.

Latency is slow transmission that is caused when data needs to travel over greater distances through several network switches and routers. While the delays may only be a few milliseconds, they can add up to the point of causing unacceptable performance and an inability to support emerging technologies. The solution to reducing latency lies in edge data centers that brings IT resources closer to the users and devices they serve, providing improved application performance and reliability through localized computing, data storage, and data analytics


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At Siemon we pride ourselves on our engineering heritage, innovation, and our data center pedigree. We’ve taken this passion and focused it into our portfolio of Advanced Data Center solutions that have been designed from the ground up to support your data center requirements for now and the future.

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To learn more, download the white paper, Why Edge? Why Now? How the Rise of Edge Computing will Reshape the Data Center Landscape.

Siemon Solutions for Edge Data Centers

While edge data centers differ in that they will handle processing of applications, data analytics and data storage within the general vicinity of end users and devices that use those applications and data, they include the same power, cooling, connectivity and security found in centralized data centers, but on a smaller scale. Siemon offers a wide range of essential infrastructure solutions that emerging edge data centers will rely on.


  • Fiber and Copper Connectivity - Siemon Advanced Fiber Solutions are ideal for connecting edge data centers to the cloud, while our direct-attach, high-speed copper cabling enables connections from switches to servers within edge data center cabinets.

  • Infrastructure Management - Because many edge data centers will be unmanned or limited access sites, edge data center owners and operators can also benefit from automated infrastructure management (AIM) tools such as Siemon's MapIT G2 with EagleEye Connect software that enables remote management and monitoring of copper and fiber connections.

  • Intelligent PDUs - All edge data centers require power distribution units (PDUs) to distribute power to active equipment. Siemon's PowerMax intelligent PDUs offer outlet-level power usage monitoring and switching control for active equipment, as well as sensors for cabinet-level environmental monitoring (i.e. temperature, humidity)-all enabled remotely from a centralized cloud location via an intuitive web interface.

  • Cable Management - Siemon cable management solutions, are critical to protecting, routing and managing cables with cabinets and within any kind of edge data center.

  • Thermal Management - Edge data centers will require thermal management solutions such as Siemon's blanking panels and brush guards and aisle containment solutions to maintain separation of hot and cold air.