Welcome to the Intelligent Building HOW TO Webinar Series

To help you stay up to date with the latest Intelligent Building trends we've shaped a 4-part webinar series that will focus on a practical approach to getting your smart building setup the right way. We introduce the steps to do it and then have speakers that cover each step in more detail. Each webinar runs for 60 minutes.

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Webinar #4:

Current Trends and How They Will Impact the Future of Intelligent Buildings…What’s Next?

We look back at the previous three sessions and apply what was learned to current IB trends and investigate the future. Applying IB technology to your current or next construction project will ensure your building is dynamic and sustainable. This session included a panel discussion with open forum questions from the audience.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to apply the concepts and technology from Sessions 1-3
  • Better understand current trends
  • Pose specific questions to the panel of experts
  • Look into the future of Intelligent Buildings
  • Q&A

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Intelligent Building HOW TO Series: Webinars 1-3

Setup Your Building To Measure Occupancy

> HOW TO Setup Your Building To Measure Occupancy and Utilization of Workspace

Bob Allan – IB Expert,
Johan Van Niekerk – Cataly5t

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> Greater Intelligence, Less Liability: Mitigating Risks by Utilizing Your IB’s Security System

Host(s): Bob Allan - IB Expert,
Drew Pacino - Axis Communications

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Webinar 3

> HOW TO lower your CAPEX and OPEX using Intelligent Building Technology

Host(s): Bob Allan – IB Expert,
Drew Pacino – Axis Communications,
Johan Van Niekerk – Cataly5t

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