Customer Use Drawings (CUDs)

Siemon Customer Use Drawings (CUDs) are perfect for submittals, obtaining dimensional information or for use with AutoCAD drawings. They are available in (3) formats - each ZIP file contains all available Siemon products for that format.

Siemon CUDs include network cabling products, data center cabinets, racks, cable management, copper and fiber patch panels, fiber enclosures, fiber plug and play components, network connectors, cabinet accessories, fiber optic cabling products, shielded and UTP copper cabling products, and much more.

PDF Format

Full multi-view specifications for viewing only


Download (475 MB)

DWG Format

Full multi-view specifications for viewing or incorporation into AutoCAD drawings


Download (1.1 GB)

Additional Assistance

Need help with product selection for your application or have feedback on our CUDs? We're listening, so please let us know!

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