Hyperscale Data Center Solutions

Integrated Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

Built on over a century of network infrastructure and cabling experience, Siemon is laser-focused on serving Switch & Server ODMs and their Rack & Stack Integration partners with high performance, reliable Hyperscale cabling infrastructure and expert technical consultation. Siemon global manufacturing facilities and expert resources are strategically located to service the high-volume, quick turn demands of rapid data center deployments with a wide range of Siemon products:

  • Copper and Fiber High Speed Interconnects to 200Gb/s
  • SkinnyPatch reduced diameter Patch Cords
  • SM and MM Fiber Optic Jumpers
  • Pre-Configured, Plug and Play MTP Fiber Optic solutions
  • Large selection of color and length options
  • Fiber Cable Ducting Systems
  • Extensive Cable Management Options

Our Hyperscale Resume:

  • Extensive experience and key partnerships with global Rack and Stack system integrators and ODM partners, supporting the Hyperscale environment’s ultra- rapid deployment needs
  • Backed by Siemon’s global manufacturing operations, we have the capabilities, capacity, and scalability to support high volume, high mix, short lead-time production – anywhere in the world.
  • A global network of Siemon data center experts and technical support specialists working together with market leading multinational integration partners.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of physical-layer data center solutions designed to deliver scalable, agile infrastructures. This core set of quick-turn systems include:
    • End-to-end cabling and connectivity supporting speeds from 10G to 400G and beyond, supporting the performance needs of even the highest, bleeding-edge facilities:
      • DACs and AOCs
      • Pre-configured trunking cables
      • Plug and play fiber systems
      • End-to-end network cabling and connectivity from innovative patch panels and enclosures to cords and jumpers

The Importance of an Expert Interconnect Partner

Virtual meetings, E-commerce, social media, on-line gaming, and video streaming have all become part of our everyday lives, driving exponential increases in data handling needs. All of these IT platforms rely on networking to link the ever-increasing volume of switches and servers required to process all of that data in real-time.  Big data and cloud computing require scalable server infrastructures capable of responding very quickly to increased demand and providing the flexibility to deploy systems anywhere on the planet. In this environment, one bad node caused by a server port malfunction or a bad cable can have huge cost implications.

And while physical infrastructure quality and reliability is critical, Siemon also understands the impact of throughput performance and speed. Often overlooked connectivity considerations such as impedance and return loss directly impact latency -  and latency in a Cloud computing environment is a killer.  Choosing the right High Speed Interconnects and network cabling products is a make or break decision in a Hyperscale environment.  This is why Siemon ensures the reliability of every cable we manufacture through 100% performance testing, and backs those products with technical collaboration and support

High Speed Cable Assemblies

High Speed Cable Assemblies

Siemon offers a comprehensive line of High-Speed Interconnects (HSI), including straight-through and breakout Direct Attach Cables (DAC) and Active Optical Cables (AOC) in speeds ranging from 10G to 100G, in QSFP28, SFP28, QSFP+ and SFP+ form factors up to 100GB. Typical applications include data centers requiring reliable, low latency, high-quality cabling options. Independently tested to be interoperable with most major equipment manufacturers, Siemon interconnects deliver cost-effective, flexible support for your high-speed, direct attach equipment connections. Siemon High Speed Interconnects are MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) compliant to ensure compatibility across equipment from various vendors.

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SFP28 25G & QSFP28 100G Active Optical Cables


A highly reliable and cost-effective alternative to transceiver assemblies available in lengths ranging from 0.5M to 100M, beyond the range of Direct Attach Copper Cables (DAC).

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