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Distributed Antenna Systems to a Higher Standard

Connecting Distributed Antenna Systems

In today’s constantly connected world, having reliable mobile wireless voice and data service is a must for any structure where large amounts of people gather. Even with the rise of 5G technologies sprouting across the world, there remains a connectivity issue while in an office building, sports arena or other structure where building materials block or interrupt cellular signals or wireless networks become overloaded.

To overcome this, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) extend mobile wireless signals via a network of antennas distributed throughout a structure. Depending on the type of DAS, this network typically utilizes coaxial, high-speed balanced twisted-pair copper and/or optical fiber cabling to connect antennas and support the delivery of 4G and 5G wireless service.

As a leading global manufacturer of copper and fiber optic cabling systems, Siemon understands that high-performance cables and connectivity are paramount in building a DAS network with speed and reliability at the forefront. Our full line of cabling options is fully compatible with leading manufacturer’s systems to complement DAS deployments of any size.

Distributed Antenna Systems are Everywhere

Distributed Antenna Systems are everywhere

From small offices to skyscrapers or local college campuses to sports stadiums, Distributed Antenna Systems are essential for any area where building materials or number of users stand in the way of superior cellular voice and data services.

  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Subways
  • Outdoor Campuse
  • Airports
  • Arenas
  • Stadiums

Cabling Systems for Distributed Antenna Systems

z-max-utp-outlets Z-MAX Category 6A

Siemon’s Z-MAX® Category 6A is available in UTP and shielded Systems and features the highest performance margins across all critical transmission parameters, The Z-MAX Cat 6A system is also the fastest, easiest and most reliable termination process, superior transmission consistency and customer focused usability, efficiency and ergonomics.

Z-PlugZ-Plug Field Terminated Plug

Siemon's patent-pending Z-PLUG offers quick, reliable high-performance plug terminations in the field for custom-length direct connections to wireless access points, security cameras, LED lights, distributed antenna systems (DAS), building automation devices and any other IP-based and PoE-enabled devices deployed in today's converged networks.


LightBow™ Mechanical Splice Connectors

Combined with Siemon's exclusive patent-pending LightBow termination tool, Siemon LightBow prepolished mechanical splice connectors can be deployed with unsurpassed termination speed and quality via a built-in VFL verification window and the ability to adjust or reterminate. Available in both LC and SC configurations, these connectors support both multimode and singlemode versions of Siemon's XGLO and LightSystem solutions.


Fiber Optic Cabling Systems

With a wide range of indoor and indoor/outdoor fiber cable types, cable assemblies, enclosures, jumpers, pigtails and field termination systems, Siemon’s fiber optic cabling systems are ideal for everything fiber—from the backbone to the desk. Siemon XGLO Fiber Optic Cabling Systems utilize bend-insensitive laser-optimized multimode fiber and advanced bend-insensitive singlemode fiber to support the very latest fiber applications.

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