Siemon ColorCodedCuffs™ (CCC) offer a safe, easy-to-install and environmentally responsible way to identify carrier cable in overcrowded cell towers. Unlike electrical tape, CCC’s will not leave behind glue or chemical residue and are designed to cycle up to 200 times, ensuring a long life and reducing the need for replacement. The full 360° visibility ensure easy identification from any angle and promise a secure fit that will not slide along the cable – meaning they’ll remain where they’re installed. For more information or to request a sample, please fill out the form below.

  • Injection molded, single-piece design allows for toolless, one handed installation, even while wearing work gloves.
  • Designed with UV-rated materials to meet 746C (f1) standards.
  • Dual-rib retention system ensures a perfect fit without movement.
  • Color matched to industry standards are consistent with electrical tape that can be easily viewed from any angle.

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CCC Overview