Expandable ColorCodedCuffs™


Siemon’s Expandable ColorCodedCuff (CCC) provides telcom contractors a quick, safe, and reliable means to replace vinyl tape as cable identification in overcrowded Telcom towers.   Labor costs are a substantial portion of any telcom tower project – by using the new color coded cuffs on your RF, CPRI, RET and Grounding Cables instead of vinyl tape, you’ll realize at least an 80% reduction in labor for this tedious task, affording you and your crew more time to concentrate on higher level tasks on the job site.

Designed in parthership with multiple OEM’s, carriers and contractors, the Expandable ColorCodedCuffs features a living hinge tested up to 200 cycles, allowing for tool-less one-handed installation, and provides a never fading, 360◦ color coverage ideal for both Macro and Small Cell installations all the way back to the BBU’s.

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3 Size Options

The ColorCodedCuff is designed to accommodate a large range of fiber (CPRI), power and RF, with outer diameters ranging from 0.19" to 0.70".

  • Small (SM) – 4.8mm to 8.6mm (0.19" to 0.34")
  • Medium (MD) – 8.3mm to 12.7mm (0.34" to 0.52")
  • Large (LG) – 12.4mm to 17.5mm (0.52" to 0.70")

Ruggedized Construction

Designed with UV and environmental rated materials.
Suitable for harsh, outdoor environments, Siemon’s CCCs
are composed of chemical resistant materials suitable for
ultraviolet exposure, water immersion and ice build-up.

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1. Flexible

Flexible retention fingers support use within a range of cable diameters by cuff size.

2. Triple Living Hinge

Increased reliability and retention at extreme temperatures

3. Easy Latch

Our robust latch design provides tool-less, one handed installation while wearing gloves.

4. Identification

Additional size identification on the inside of the CCC.

Color Coded


A superior alternative to electrical tape, CCCs are color-matched to industry standards and are an eco-friendly and durable identification solution that eliminates field issues associated with tape flagging, fading, and deteriorating adhesive.

360° Coverage


Allows for complete color coding when viewed from any direction.

Single Piece Design


The injection molded, single piece design makes it easy to install cuffs onto multiple cable diameters.




Ordering Information

CCC - (XX) - S (XX) - (XXX)

SM = Small
MD = Medium
LG = Large
25 = 25
BLU = Blue
BRN = Brown
GRN = Green
ORG = Orange
RED = Red
PNK = Pink
SLT = Slate
VLT = Violet
WHT = White
YLW = Yellow

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Samples are available for customers in the contiguous United States only.