Product Testing Capabilities

At Siemon, we ensure our product quality by selecting top grade raw materials. For plastic, metal and PCB components, Siemon specifies the appropriate materials and then oversees the entire manufacturing process. This degree of control provides a level of quality assurance that is impossible without total integration.

Siemon finish good products are assembled on the same campus where sub-components are manufactured from raw materials. Siemon engineers and manufacturing experts work closely with assembly teams to ensure that quality and reliability are fully integrated into each product. At each step of the manufacturing process – from inspection of raw materials to the testing of assembled products – The Siemon Company is committed to quality. For high volume production, Siemon employs cutting-edge quality control technology, like computerized visual inspection and fully automated systems, to certify the highest product quality and reliability.

Much of the precise measuring equipment used by Siemon R&D Labs is the same high end equipment used by 3rd party test labs. On-site performance verification is crucial to our R&D processes ensuring we meet or exceed industry specifications. By continually developing new methods and test procedures, quality and performance levels rise to new heights, paving the way for tomorrow’s technologies.

  • Network Analyzers
  • Time Domain Reflectometers
  • Smart Scopes
  • Interferometers
  • Insertion Loss Meters
  • Optical Switches
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Back Reflection Meters
  • Vibration Tables
  • Microscopes