Engineering Capabilities

engineeringSiemon engineers use the most advanced technological tools, resources and industry standards as a basis for new product development, which ensures the highest quality and performance. When Siemon engineers design a new product, they do so knowing that the individual components required can be manufactured to the most exacting standards.

Siemon works hard to understand our customers’ needs today; anticipate their needs for the future and then develop the best possible solutions for both. We pride ourselves on our on-time deliveries and near perfect fill rates. It is our goal to exceed our customers’ expectations – every day.

Although the methods for ensuring quality have changed since 1903, Siemon’s approach has not. Vertically integrated from the inspection of raw materials to the testing of assembled products, Siemon tightly controls every step in the manufacturing process.

Siemon’s high-precision plastic molding and metal stamping and forming facilities feed a highly-automated assembly operation in a model of integrated efficiency. Siemon engineers and manufacturing experts work closely with assembly teams to ensure that quality and reliability are fully integrated into every Siemon component and assembled product.

With more than 400 patents, Siemon continually reinvests in itself, building innovation and stability for tomorrow.