Siemon OEM Technologies

Siemon OEM Technologies is the direct source for Manufacturers, Integrators and Value-added resellers. With decades of experience as a technology partner supporting industry leaders in various markets, SIS has developed the unique skillset to become a valued partner in the design, development, project management, manufacture and supply of market-centric solutions

Hyperscale Data Center Solutions

Siemon offers high-performance and high density physical layer infrastructure solutions for todays’ hyperscale data centers. Supporting solutions for server, storage and network environments.

Edge Solutions

Demand for real-time analytics is driving processing power to the edge of the network. Siemon high speed solutions supports the increased bandwidth needed to for the high levels of content being generated by these connected devices.

Audio-Visual Solutions

Our full range of copper and fiber cabling systems have the performance and reliability to ensure a clear picture for the latest AV applications.

Internet of Things

IoT and IIoT devices require robust connectivity and network solutions that protect your data. Siemon provides high-performance copper and fiber connectivity to meet the demands of your network.

Industrial Solutions

Protecting data from the harsh elements within industrial and outdoor environments are key to anyone's network. Siemon offers Ethernet connectivity solutions to meet the most demanding applications.

OEM Solutions

Siemon has the design expertise and manufacturing capabilities and resources to work with industry leaders to design, test and manufacture customized network connectivity solutions that meet specific applications.