Base 8 Plug-and-Play Fiber

Providing seamless transition from duplex 10 Gb/s to current and future 8-fiber applications.

Current 40 and 100 gigabit (Gb/s) multimode fiber applications, as well as future 200 and 400 Gb/s multimode and singlemode applications, are based on 8 optical fibers with 4 fibers transmitting and 4 receiving at either 10 Gb/s or 25 Gb/s. Siemon’s Base 8 Plug-and-Play Fiber Systems, part of Siemon’s Lighthouse™ Advanced Fiber Cabling Solutions, provides the simplest, most seamless transition from duplex 10 Gb/s to current and future 8-fiber applications to 400 Gig.

Siemon’s Base 8 systems includes enclosures, modules, adapters, trunk assemblies and jumpers to provide complete end-to-end 8-fiber systems, enabling 100% fiber utilization without the need for conversion cords or modules in 40/100 Gb/s applications and beyond.

LightStack® 8 Ultra High-Density Fiber Enclosure


The LightStack 8 Ultra High-Density Plug-and-Play System offers superior density, port access and cable management in a sleek, modern enclosure. Its high-capacity design handles both traditional 2 mm zipcord and interconnect tight-buffered jumper types.

Modules and adapter plates with superior low-loss performance feature ultra slim design for superior fiber density along with easy insertion and removal from the front and rear of enclosures

  • Supports up to 144 LC fibers or 864 MTP fibers in the 1U enclosure and up to 576 LC fibers or 3456 MTP fibers in the 4U enclosure
  • Sliding bottom rear divider acts as a cable divider between stacked panels and pushes inward to provide complete rear access to connectivity
  • Integrated strain relief and easy-open magnetic door eliminate potential pinch points while swing-open cable management clips offer full access to any jumper

High-Density FCP3 Fiber Connect Panel


Designed to integrate with high-density FCP3 fiber plug-and-play multimode and singlemode modules and adapter plates, the HD FCP3 panel economically connects, protects and manages up to 96 fibers within 1 rack mount unit.

  • Fiber drawer slides to the front and rear for maximum access to fiber connections
  • Recessed modules provide a high-capacity jumper management zone that helps maintain proper fiber bend radius
  • Designed for simple, snap-in deployment of LC to MTP FCP3 Plug-and-Play modules and LC and MTP adapter plates

Base 8 Assemblies, Trunks, and Jumpers

  • Available in low-loss multimode and singlemode, Base 8 MTP trunk assemblies can be quickly routed and connected modules and MTP adapter plates
  • Features Siemon's smaller diameter RazorCore™ fiber that reduces cable congestion and improves air flow, while enabling just a 2mm MTP jumper for connections to active equipment
  • Hybrid assemblies offer an alternative to modules for support of 10 Gb/s and include 4 X 10G Base 8 MTP to LC BladePatch® uniboot assemblies with innovative push-pull latch activation for easy access in tight-fitting areas.