Ruggedized/Industrial Cabling & Connectivity

Protecting Critical Connections in Harsh Environments

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Siemon Ruggedized Infrastructure Solutions protect critical network connections from dust, moisture, industrial cleaning chemicals and vibration. Ruggedized infrastructure solutions are ideal for protecting valuable connections in laboratories, hospitals, food processing plants and other harsh environments.

Ruggedized Copper Connectivity


Siemon Ruggedized Copper Connectivity includes Category 5e, Category 6 UTP and Category 6A outlets, plugs and patch cords that ensure the protection of valuable connections and allows LANs to reliably extend into harsh environments without compromising on bandwidth and performance.

  • Patented Ruggedized housing made of chemical-resistant thermoplastic features an innovative quarter-turn bayonet-style mating that ensures an IP66/IP67-rated seal
  • Plugs can be terminated in the field, allowing custom lengths to be assembled quickly on site
  • Plug housing and dust caps feature ribs to provide additional gripping for mating and unmating

Ruggedized LC Fiber Connectivity


Ideal for ensuring reliability and performance in critical applications, Siemon Ruggedized LC Fiber solution provides a robust fiber connection. Ruggedized fiber connectivity is ideal for protecting fiber for installations requiring extended distances, in close proximity to heavy sources of EMI, or where fiber active equipment is used.

  • Available with duplex multimode and singlemode LC fiber connectors and features patented Ruggedized housing with an innovative quarter-turn bayonet-style mating that ensures an IP66/IP67-rated seal
  • Features a specialized fiber bend relief boot and heavy-duty strain relief crimp components that significantly improves strain relief by more than 50% over standard fiber solutions

M12 D-Coded Cable Assemblies

M12 D-Coded connector

Siemon's M12 D-Coded connector is an industry standard interface for Ethernet and PROFINET industrial networks and meets ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC 11801 Ed 2.2 Category 5e specifications. Designed for use in industrial automation environments or other harsh environment applications where a compact, robust, reliable connection is needed.

  • Combines a specially designed UV- and chemical-resistance polyurethane (PUR) cable jacket with an overmolded connector to provide an IP67 rating
  • Provides protection from common industrial elements including dust, vibration, shock, EMI, chemicals and mechanical stress
  • Available with straight or angled connectors and with bulkhead and RJ45 options on one end

Wide Range of Ruggedized Accessories


In addition to Ruggedized copper and fiber connectivity, Siemon’s Ruggedized line includes a range of accessories ideal for harsh environments.

  • Stainless Steel Faceplates available in 1-, 2- , 3- and 4-port options with a rear sealing gasket and carry an IP44 rating
  • Surface Mount Boxes that house either Siemon copper or fiber ruggedized outlets are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-port versions with compression fittings provided for cable entry
  • Dust caps constructed of industrial-grade thermoplastic for superior durability and protection of unused outlets
  • DIN Rail Mounted Patch Panels provide an effective patching solution for industrial networks inside control panels and distribution cabinets where DIN mounted equipment is being used
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