Fiber Optic Splicing Solutions

Fast, high performance methods for your single and mass fusion splicing applications

High performance fiber optic connectivity is now a critical component within every network infrastructure. This evolution has driven innovations in a range of areas, and fiber optic splicing is no different. Traditional methods of anaerobic epoxy connections for field-termination have been joined by a range of next generation splicing approaches that offer more flexibility and support your current and future termination needs.

It’s important to remember that there is no ‘single’ field termination connection method that suits every application, the diverse characteristics of both inside-plant and outside-plant environments requires taking an objective approach when selecting your preferred termination method to ensure you can save time and cost while optimizing your optical loss budget.

Fusion Splicing

Typical Applications: Carrier Networks, POP/MMRs, Video Networks, Enterprise.

Optical fiber fusion splicing has moved to become the preferred choice for many installers given the high performance connections that can be achieved utilizing this method. Fusion splicing forms a ‘welded’ joint between two optical fibers and provides a permanent, low loss, high-strength connection compared to mechanical splicing.

The recent introduction of splice on connectors provides a comparable alternative to field polished or mechanical splice connectors for those who prefer fusion splicing.

See a fusion splice in action using Siemon's OptiFuse™ solution


Which Fiber Termination
Method is Right for you?

When deploying fiber links in the data center and telecommunications rooms, there are a range of different options available to you, from pre-terminated and fusion splice options to field-terminated connectors.

Explore the best option for your environment in our deep-dive article.

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See a mechanical splice in action using Siemon's LightBow™ solution

Mechanical Splicing

Typical Applications: Enterprise, Restoration

Mechanical splicing allows for two fibers to be joined in an alignment fixture using index matching gel. This method has been available for a number of years and continues to be popular as it offers fast, straight forward termination and results in limited waste as it requires less consumables than traditional epoxy/polish connector methods.

Key Siemon Products For Your Splicing Requirements

As industry-leaders in fiber optic innovation. Siemon has focused our years of engineering expertise into the development of a comprehensive range of fiber optic splicing solutions that can provide the best support for you no matter your specific scenario.


Fusion Splice Solution

Provides a quick and reliable field installable solution with superior fusion splice performance to support high-speed fiber optic applications.

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Mechanical Splice Solution

Reduces termination time, prevents fiber end face contamination and air gaps, and enables easy verification of termination quality.

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Fiber Splice
Cassettes Solution

Use with our expanded RIC enclosure, eliminating the need for dedicated splicing trays while improving accessibility to individual splices. 

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Fiber Splice

Ideal for fiber transition environments, our 5U rack-mountable enclosure provides additional storage and protection for your splice trays. 

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“Siemon’s OptiFuse connector is really the best of both worlds. We get all the benefits of fusion splicing with significant time savings and a much cleaner implementation.”

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