Passive Optical
Network (PON)
Fiber Cabling Solutions

Modular, cost-effective, high-performance solutions for distributing voice, video and data to the desktop.

Passive Optical Network (PON) is capable of distributing voice, video and data to the desktop over one singlemode fiber, and offers the benefit of extended transmission distances, as well as easy deployment and reduced pathway and conduit space.

Siemon Enterprise Passive Optical Network (PON) Fiber Cabling Solution is a modular, cost-effective, high-performance solution that improves the modularity, flexibility and management of PONs.

Siemon PON Solution offers versatile splitter installation to support a variety of PON applications and includes cabling, assemblies, connectivity, cable management and multiple enclosures options that enhance enterprise PONs from the OLT to the work area equipment.

Rack-Mount Splitter Panel

Rack-Mount Splitter Panel

The Rack-Mount Splitter Panel incorporates splitter technology into a 19-inch rack mount unit that enables fast and simple mounting in a standard rack, cabinet or enclosure

  • Available in six different split ratios to support a variety of Passive Optical Network applications, including 1x8, 2x8 1x16, 2x16, 1x32, 2x32 and dual 1x16.19-rack mount unit with SC or LC ports in either UPC or APC versions

PON Fiber Cable, Connectivity, Jumpers and Work Area Solutions

PON Fiber Cable, Connectivity, Jumpers and Work Area Solutions

Siemon’s PON Fiber Cabling Solutions include all the cable and connectivity required to deploy and end-to-end PON system

  • Bulk Siemon XGLO singlemode fiber cable available in tight buffer, interlocking armor tight buffer, indoor/outdoor and outside plant loose tube varieties complies with all ITU-T G.652, Telcordia, ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC standards.
  • Siemon’s PON solutions include bend-insensitive simplex singlemode fiber jumpers in SC and LC style, ideal for flexible connections with a PON system and to ONTs at the work area.
  • Siemon’s LightBow™ Mechanical Splice Termination System includes both SC and LC APC simplex connectors and an easy-to-use lightweight tool that combines splice activation and crimp into a single process.
  • To complete a PON system at the work area, Simeon offers simplex fiber MAX modules that can be installed in Simeon MAX faceplates, zone enclosures and modular furniture adapters.
  • Siemon’s copper Category 6 and 6A parch cords are ideal for connecting ONTs to computers, phones, printers, access points and a variety of other devices, and they are easily color coded via colored clips available in 9 colors.

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