Base-8 Plug and Play Fiber

Providing seamless transition from duplex 10 Gb/s to current and future 8-fiber applications.

Current 40 and 100 gigabit (Gb/s) multimode fiber applications, as well as future 200 and 400 Gb/s multimode and singlemode applications, are based on 8 optical fibers with 4 fibers transmitting and 4 receiving at either 10 Gb/s or 25 Gb/s. Siemon’s Base-8 Plug and Play Fiber Systems, part of Siemon’s Advanced Fiber Cabling and LightVerse® Solutions, provides the simplest, most seamless transition from duplex 10 Gb/s to current and future 8-fiber applications to 400 Gig.

Siemon’s Base-8 systems includes enclosures, modules, adapters, trunk assemblies and jumpers to provide complete end-to-end 8-fiber systems, enabling 100% fiber utilization without the need for conversion cords or modules in 40/100 Gb/s applications and beyond.

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LightVerse® High-Density Fiber Enclosures

LightVerse Enclosures

LightVerse® includes a range of sleek enclosures available in Core, Plus and Pro options suitable for a wide variety of application needs. Each LightVerse enclosure is constructed from durable steel and has the ability to support up to 96 fibers in 1U of rack space. The range builds from our LightVerse Core model, designed to support your everyday networking requirements, through to the fully featured LightVerse Pro that includes a sliding tray, integrated label holder, cable management and more, making it ideal for resolving your more complex challenges.

  • Up to 96 fibers in 1U Space
  • White Sliding Tray
  • Molded Front Cable Managers
  • Enclosure Mounting Brackets
  • Integrated Label Holder
  • Scratch Resistant Doors

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LightVerse® Plug and Play Modules

LightVerse Modules

The LightVerse Plug and Play modules are designed to be interchangeable and pair with any of the systems’ enclosures or panels. They can be installed from both the front or the rear of the enclosure or panel and are available in both singlemode and multimode configurations.

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Base-8 Assemblies, Trunks, and Jumpers

  • Available in low-loss multimode and singlemode, Base-8 MTP trunk assemblies can be quickly routed and connected modules and MTP adapter plates
  • All Siemon MTP trunks, jumpers and hybrid cords are also available with MTP Pro connectors that offer easy pin and polarity changes in the field to eliminate the time and delays associated with reordering due to polarity and gender miscalculations and reconfigurations.
  • Features Siemon's smaller diameter RazorCore™ fiber that reduces cable congestion and improves air flow, while enabling just a 2mm MTP jumper for connections to active equipment
  • Hybrid assemblies offer an alternative to modules for support of 10 Gb/s and include 4 X 10G Base-8 MTP to LC BladePatch® uniboot assemblies with innovative push-pull latch activation for easy access in tight-fitting areas.

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