Wall-Mount Cabinet Solution

Saves Valuable Floor Space for a Range of Applications

Siemon's feature-rich Wall Mount Network Cabinet saves valuable floor space while providing a cost-effective means to secure and protect network equipment from dust, tampering and other hazards. Designed with excellent cable management, easy rear access and a fully adjustable mounting rail system, the Wall Mount Cabinet is extremely versatile for a wide range of applications.

Available in black, white or gray, the Wall Mount Network Cabinet is ideal as a mini telecommunications room or for remote network distribution and consolidation points in open, unprotected spaces such as warehouses, retail facilities and schools. It is also available as a V-Built Preconfigured Cabinet preloaded with connectivity, PDUs, cable management and accessories.

Below are some of the features of Wall Mount Network cabinets:

Superior Accessibility and Cable Management

  • Right- or left-hinged back plate design offers easy rear access to equipment and wiring 
  • Includes four 2.5/3-inch and two 0.5/0.75-inch knockouts at the top and bottom of the back plate
  • 5X5 rear entry opening available to support in-wall cabling
  • Integrated vertical cable management on the front and rear of the cabinet for vertically routing patch cords and managing incoming cables

Flexible, Sturdy and Secure

  • Available in 12U, 18U and 24U and in 24 in. and 30 in. depths (610mm and 762mm) to fit a variety of spaces and applications
  • Fully adjustable EIA-compliant mounting rail system with #12-24 tapped rails
  • 14/16 gauge steel design supports up to 200 lb. (91kg) load capacity per UL 6095
  • Plexi, solid or vented locking door with swivel handle and rear locking back plate
  • Swing handle is easily retrofitted with 3rd party card or biometric handles for high security applications

Available Accessories

  • Top-mount cooling fans are available to maximize efficiency when used with active equipment
  • Also available are extra equipment mounting rails, grounding kits and adjustable 19" equipment shelves

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