Automated Infrastructure Management

MapIT® G2 powered by EagleEye™ Connect delivers next-generation physical layer network management



Siemon’s MapIT G2 Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) solution integrates a powerful combination of innovative smart patch panels and fiber enclosures with user-friendly master control panels and EagleEye™ Connect software to provide real-time tracking and reporting of network-wide physical layer activity. MapIT G2 and EagleEye Connect have been developed specifically to eliminate the complexity seen with other AIM solutions, delivering highly intuitive, interactive, reliable and efficient operation. This benchmark AIM system offers truly unparalleled ability to manage a complex network, providing the following benefits:

  • Real-time Monitoring – Detailed network views via hierarchical views that map your entire network, from rack and cabinet infrastructure views, to work area and floor layouts – all with complete circuit diagrams and network information stored in a software-driven database that is automatically updated in real time as moves, adds and changes are made, ensuring that the network condition is known at all times.
  • Real-time Alerts – EagleEye Connect can send e-mail alerts to IT or security staff in real time when unauthorized events occur on the network, such as detecting unauthorized devices attempting to connect to your LAN.
  • Asset Management – EagleEye Connect reports let you see available switch or patch panel ports. End devices can be tracked by location, equipment type, manufacturer, service or other criteria, providing better visibility and utilization of these critical assets.
  • Reduced Downtime – MapIT G2 circuit trace capability quickly identifies the location of a fault in a channel. Information can be displayed on MapIT panels to guide onsite staff, drastically reducing the time required to find and fix a network outage.
  • Remote Visibility – MapIT provides a real-time view of networks at remote offices, helping to ensure compliance with corporate IT policies and discouraging unauthorized changes to the network
  • Regulatory Compliance – EagleEye Connect maintains an audit log of all network events, simplifying compliance with regulatory mandates, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, ITIL, HIPAA, FDA 21 CFR Part II, etc.

EagleEye Connect AIM Software

EagleEye Connect AIM Software

Siemon’s EagleEye Connect automated infrastructure management software provides the critical central interface for the entire MapIT G2 system. Web-based to enable access from virtually any device anywhere, EagleEye Connect collects, monitors and stores network intelligence data from MapIT G2 smart panels, enclosures and connectivity via Master and Distribution Control Panels, delivering this information in a robust and user-friendly set of network management features.

  • Enables real-time physical layer documentation and monitoring including discovery of IT devices, interactive floor images, rack elevations and end-to-end circuit traces
  • Navigation tree shows the hierarchical relationship from a very high level (City/Campus/Building) down to the lowest level (devices and ports), enabling access to location and device properties
  • Real-time database with auto-discovery stores status and location of all cabling and IT assets to minimize troubleshooting time and maximize equipment and rack utilization
  • Detects and records all physical network activity and provides instant alerts on unauthorized access or modification using an extensive set of alarm filters
  • The work order module assigns, directs and tracks work orders, ensuring accuracy, speed and documentation of activity

MapIT G2 Master and Distribution Control Panels

Master and Distribution Control Panels

The MapIT G2 Master Control Panel (MCP) and Distribution Control Panel (DCP) collect all network infrastructure data provided by the smart patch panels and fiber enclosures, enabling the ability to monitor up to 2880 ports in just 1U of rack mount space. The DCP panels connect to the MCP for use in larger systems.

  • Integrated LCD display and keypad provide technicians access to critical network architecture and diagnostic information, enabling view of circuit traces and patch cord traces.
  • Low profile 1U design increased density and reduces usage of costly rack space
  • Ultra low heat generation and reduced power consumption decreases operating expense and provides a more environmentally-friendly solution

MapIT G2 Smart Copper Patch Panels and Patch Cords


The MapIT G2 Smart Patch Panel features on-panel intelligence including a combination of LEDs and a backlit graphic LCD that can be used to display patch cord trace and diagnostic information and guide technicians during MAC work, which can increase accuracy and productivity. Sensor-enabled patch cords manage the connection between equipment

  • 24-port MapIT G2 copper patch panels accept Siemon shielded and unshielded Z-MAX® Keystone outlets or unshielded MAX keystone outlets, while the TERA MapIT G2 angled panels accept Siemon’s fully-shielded TERA outlets
  • MapIT G2-ready patch panels are available for future scalability
  • MapIT patch cords feature an embedded sensor technology using a 9th wire and gold-plated sensor pin contained in a robust over-molded boot that enables tracking of connections
  • MaptIT G2 TERA 4-pair and 2-pair to RJ45 patch cords allow easy connection to any RJ45 equipped active electronics and support cable sharing, allowing multiple 2-pair applications to run over one 4-pair cable and TERA outlet

MapIT G2 Smart Fiber Enclosures and Jumpers


The MapIT G2 Smart Fiber Enclosure combines on-panel intelligence with robust MapIT connectivity and fiber management features for a best in-class intelligent fiber patching solution. The LCD can be used to display patch cord trace and diagnostic information. It can also guide technicians during MAC work, which can increase accuracy and productivity.

  • 48-fiber enclosures available in duplex LC or in MTP to duplex LC and in either OM3/OM4 multimode and OS2 singlemode versions
  • MapIT-ready fiber enclosures are available for future scalability
  • MapIT G2 multimode and singlemode XGLO® duplex jumpers are constructed with premium fiber that meets IEEE, IEC and TIA specifications and feature MapIT G2 sensor technology that enables tracking of connections