Locate Installers & Consultants for your Project

"Enterprising project managers follow the easy path to design and installation resource selection. They let Siemon do the research."

If your project needs highly specialized and trained installation professionals to ensure performance that surpasses requirements, rely on Siemon's global network of Certified Installers.

Siemon Certified Installer companies have a track record of successful and consistent network cabling projects, from concept through implementation (see: Customer success stories).

Benefits of Using Siemon Certified Installer Companies

Certified Installer company authorized representatives attend Siemon training centers around the world for an intensive three-day training program where they learn best design principles and installation practices. In addition, our designer/installer training is ISO 9001: 2000 certified, ensuring the highest levels of quality in training worldwide.

This ensures that the same requirements for design and installation quality are applied whether the project entails a single, large-scale campus or hundreds of smaller sites distributed over multiple continents.

To ensure the highest levels of quality and integrity in the industry, a comprehensive selection criteria is used to qualify those companies that are interested in becoming a Siemon Certified Installer (CI). This includes a minimum of 5 years in business, financial security and professional affiliations such as BICSI.

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