Become a Siemon Certified Installer

To express interest in becoming a Siemon Certified Installer®, please contact a Siemon regional office closest to you.

Why Do Companies Choose to Become Siemon Certified Installers?

Almost universally, the CIs cite the quality of the Siemon products as a key factor in their decision. The fact that the system is "open" and does not rely on a single cable manufacturer is another benefit. And the relationship that is forged between Siemon and the CISM company helps, too. The Siemon CISM program is a true partnership with both parties working together to provide the end-user with a quality installation.

The CISM selection process is a rigorous one, and those who have completed it understand the need for high standards. The Siemon Cabling System training curriculum offers a mix of lectures, design exercises, and hands-on experience. The program is intended for both system designers and installers.

The Siemon Company enables CIs to keep abreast of rapidly changing information, compete for business, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Certified Installers note that the Siemon program adds another dimension to their business - Siemon acts as a provider of advanced products, a source of information, and a partner in delivering a quality package to the end-user.

Learn How to Build Better Cabling Systems at a Siemon Cabling System Training Center

Cabling system design, installation, and administration: these are the core services provided by Siemon Cabling System Certified Installers® (CISM). Advanced networking applications require excellent craftmanship along with skills, knowledge, and experience. Siemon CIs receive their "basic training" in these areas at the Siemon Cabling System Training Classes. Since the first class in Watertown, Connecticut in May of 1994, Siemon has trained people from across America and around the world.

The primary purpose of training is to teach designers and installers the requirements specified in the Siemon Company's extended component and application warranty. Just as the Siemon Cabling System products are designed to exceed the reliability and transmission performance specifications of the ANSI/TIA/EIA and ISO standards, the training curriculae are based on the best installation requirements of the national and international telecommunications standards.

All Siemon Training Centers are staffed by qualified instructors (many of them RCDD certified by BICSI) with extensive "real world" experience. In order to qualify for participation, the attendees must demonstrate experience as telecommunications cabling technicians. The training curriculae are advanced and not designed for the novice.

To achieve certification, each potential company must send two representatives to our three-day training program. The class begins with a comprehensive review of the latest telecommunications cabling standards, establishing a solid foundation for all additional aspects of the program. The course focuses on design principles and "real life" installation practices. The training program finishes with a comprehensive examination.

The training program finishes with a comprehensive examination that must be passed in order for the attendee to be certified.

If you are interested in learning more about the Siemon Cabling System, or the training services and schedules available in your region of the world, email

Certified Installer Training Program Curriculum

The Siemon CI training class curriculum offers a mix of lectures, design exercises, and hands-on experience. The program is intended for both system designers and installers.

Hands-on Lab Exercises:

Lab sessions teach the craftsmanship practices that are needed to install and test standards-compliant horizontal and backbone cabling.

Interactive Classroom Sessions:

The classroom portion of the training focuses primarily on the standards-based cabling requirements that are critical to sustained performance over the life of the system. While at the center, attendees also develop a full understanding of the Siemon Cabling System products and how they relate to the standards.


After successful completion of the program, eligible companies become Siemon Certified Installers. Certification is required to offer the Siemon Cabling System extended warranty.

BICSI RCDD Credit Hours:

Upon completion of the Siemon Cabling System Training Program, participants will qualify for BICSI continuing education credits.


Course Fee: Contact us for pricing. Payment by check, MasterCard, VISA or American Express.


Three days.


Note: Certified Installers (CI's) are independent contractors with no agency relationship to Siemon.