Siemon Certified Installer® (CISM) Program

There is a lot more to cabling system performance than just buying good quality cable and connecting hardware. In order to ensure full bandwidth potential, a structured cabling system needs to be properly designed, installed, and administered. In recognition of these critical factors, The Siemon Company has developed the Siemon Cabling System Certified Installer Program.

The Siemon Company has developed a global network of Certified Installers (CISM) through it's Certified Installer Program. By utilizing CIs, multi-site and multi-national customers can be assured of consistent quality and the best performance standards anywhere in the world.

Ten Reasons You Should Choose a Siemon Certified Installer Company

  1. Siemon only partners with the highest quality contractors. Each Certified Installer company must go through a rigorous application process and are carefully evaluated before being accepted into the program.
  2. Certified Installer companies are required to send two employees to the Siemon training program that includes extensive training in telecommunications design principles and installation practices.
  3. The training course is based on the latest cabling industry standards and provides a thorough understanding of new and developing standards.
  4. A passing grade is required on a comprehensive final exam to ensure a complete understanding of the material.
  5. Siemon certification training is recognized by BICSI (Building Industry Consultant Service International).
  6. The Certified Installer Program is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  7. Only Certified Installer companies can offer an extended 25-year system warranty from The Siemon Company covering products, performance, and applications assurance.
  8. An end-user survey is administered with every certified installation to ensure customer satisfaction. If any issues are raised, Siemon will perform an audit of the installation and, if necessary, will take immediate corrective action.
  9. Certified Installer companies have access to Siemon's professional and knowledgeable staff: Technical Support, Customer Services, Engineering, Sales and the Training staff.
  10. Certified Installers have the ability to purchase products from Siemon Preferred Distributors. These distributors stock Siemon product on a regular basis and offer competitive pricing.

World-Class CI Training

The Siemon Company Certified Installer program is supported by extensive educational services. The Siemon Cabling System training program was developed by our engineering department and is ISO 9001 approved - the only such program in the industry to achieve that distinction. All Siemon training is standards-based, includes an appropriate mixture of classroom and hands-on sessions, and concludes with a rigorous examination. The Siemon Company is committed to providing its designers and installers with the most comprehensive and effective training program in the world.

Comprehensive Warranty

The Siemon Cabling System Warranty guarantees prompt, comprehensive product, performance and applications coverage. Click here for more information on the Siemon Cabling System Warranty.

Project Assistance Program

The Siemon Project Assistance Program provides one point of contact for all aspects of a telecommunications cabling infrastructure project, including bid specification, implementation, design/engineering, labor coordination, material handling, and resource management. Learn more!

Certified Installer Program Overview

The program was created to provide the end user with an installed cabling system that exceeds the requirements of ANSI and ISO standards. To achieve this goal, The Siemon Company establishes and maintains business alliances with telecommunications professionals who are committed to the process of continually improving their knowledge, job skills, customer service, and quality of workmanship. The Siemon Company supports this network of Certified Installers with on-going educational and marketing programs.

When the Siemon Cabling System is installed by a Siemon Certified Installer, end user benefits include:

  • 25-year warranty on applications and products.
  • Open Cabling System. By selecting the cable that best suits the business needs of the end user.
  • Compliance with ANSI and ISO standards that govern the design, installation, and administration of telecommunications cabling. This standards-based approach ensures that the end user's cabling infrastructure will support all voice, data, and imaging applications, today and tomorrow.
  • International Network of Certified Installers supports multi-site and multi-national end users.
  • Certified Installer Training. Warranted Siemon Cabling Systems can only be designed/installed by telecommunications professionals who have successfully completed Siemon's intensive training program. Siemon requires that a minimum of two employees be trained in order for their company to become a Certified Installer. This training assures that the cabling system purchased by the end user is not only standards-compliant but also designed based on the use of Siemon's most advanced cabling components.
  • Siemon has the right to audit Certified Installer procedures and documentation and to audit certified installations at any time. The audit program is designed to ensure that both the installation and administration comply with the Siemon Cabling System training manual.
  • 100% Link and Channel Testing. All testing is thoroughly documented, and kept on file for the duration of the warranty.
  • The Siemon Cabling System is independent of active networking equipment. Other manufacturers of warranted cabling systems also manufacture active equipment. Siemon specializes in structured cabling, without bias toward any brand of active equipment