Next Generation Wi-Fi

 Solutions for Today's High-Speed Wireless Applications

With the increased use of mobile devices, Wi-Fi is now ubiquitous with broad reaching adoption across all types of facilities – from offices, schools, universities and hospitals, to entertainment, hospitality and retail venues. With the growth of Wi-Fi has come significant developments in the technology, advancing from 10 to 100 Mb/s to Gigabit speeds and beyond to support everything from mission critical business applications to streaming of ultra-high-definition video.

In 2013, IEEE published the 802.11ac standard for very high throughput Wi-Fi, known as Wi-Fi 5, with Wave 1 devices supporting speeds up to 1.3 Gb/s and Wave 2 devices supporting speeds up to 3.5 Gb/s. IEEE will now taking Wi-Fi throughput a step higher with the development of the 802.11ax standard, known as Wi-Fi 6, offering greater than 5 Gb/s with the ability to theoretically deliver nearly 10 Gb/s in the future.

Industry standards recommend a minimum of Category 6A copper or OM3 multimode fiber for wireless access points (WAPs) as this is the only way to achieve greater than 5 Gb/s throughput. Most wireless access points (WAPs) today are also powered using power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, which is better supported with shielded twisted-pair cabling that offers superior heat dissipation and thermal stability.

“The client has a clearly defined specification, that required products of the highest quality, as well as exceptional reliability, and the vendor needed to be able to provide local availability and stock in Perth. We knew, that this made Siemon the best partner for the project given our experience of working with them on Building 418 previously at Curtin University. We weren’t disappointed.”

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High Performance Wi-Fi Cabling

Category 6A cabling

Siemon Category 6A and higher copper cabling solutions are ideal for supporting today’s Wi-Fi applications, with our shielded Category 6A and higher systems providing superior support for PoE. Siemon fiber cabling is also ideal for extended distance applications and deploying the minimum 25-Gig capable backbone needed to support Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 uplink capacity.

  • Full offering of indoor and outdoor Category 6A unshielded and shielded and 7A fully-shielded cables that offer the highest performance margins across all critical transmission parameters.
  • Siemon’s Category 6A and 7A shielded cables qualified to a higher operating temperature of 75°C (167°F) for better heat dissipation to support PoE used for powering WAPs.
  • Wide range of multimode and singlemode fiber cables, cable assemblies, enclosures, jumpers, pigtails and field termination systems to support everything from backbone to extended distance connections for the latest Wi-Fi deployments.

Fast, Easy WAP Connections

Z-PLUG field-terminated plug

Siemon offers a range of connectivity solutions for connecting WAPs – including field-terminate plugs for direct connections as well as outlets, faceplates and modular equipment cords for traditional deployments.

  • Z-PLUG® field-terminated plug enables custom-length cables that can be terminated on site for quick, direct connections to WAPs, eliminating unsightly outlets and equipment cords. The low-profile plug with rounded edges and the ability to eliminate the boot and latch protector make it easy to fit into devices with limited space. Z-PLUG can terminate to shielded and UTP, solid and stranded cable in conductor sizes from 22 to 26 gauge all with a single part number, including Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A and Cat 7A.
  • Z-MAX® outlets that can be mounted in a wide range of MAX faceplates, adapters, surface mount boxes and patch panels offer best-in-class performance via a patented IDC contact design and quick, easy termination.
  • MAX® fiber adapter modules available in simplex and duplex ST and SC style and duplex LC are compatible with all MAX series faceplates and surface mount boxes for extended distance applications.

Zone Cabling Deployments

Zone Cabling Deployments

Utilizing a grid-based zone cabling architecture to accommodate additional WAP deployments allows for rapid reconfiguration of coverage areas and provides redundant and future-proof connections. Siemon’s plenum-rated zone enclosures support intermediate fiber and copper connection points in the ceiling space, enabling shorter links from the zone enclosure to local WAPs. The use of zone enclosures also provides additional capacity to accommodate next-generation Wi-Fi technology that may require link aggregation and/or spare connection points to support the deployment of additional WAPs with minimal disruption.

  • Cost-effective, plenum-rated 24-port MAX Zone Enclosure accepts up to 24 ports using flat MAX (copper or fiber) Z-MAX® or TERA® outlets for Wi-Fi zone cabling deployments.
  • Designed to install flush within a 2x2 ft. drop ceiling tile space, the plenum-rated Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure accepts up to 96 ports for larger Wi-Fi zone cabling deployments, featuring an adjustable 4U rack system with a load capacity of 31.7 kg (70 lbs.).
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