Online Retailer



  • 20,000 employees globally
  • Over $19B USD revenue (2008)




The end-user, a major global internet retailer, had issues with the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) in an important Asia-Pacific logistics facility and data center.

The standard infrastructure configuration in the MDF utilized "point to point" connections to switches and blade servers mounted in standard racks.

The combination of high-density stacked blades and extremely limited cabling space within racks made connectivity management as well as server maintenance and replacement very inefficient.


Working closely with the end-user and a local system integrator, Siemon proposed a solution based on their innovative VersaPOD data center cabinet system.

The VersaPOD's unique design leverages the vertical space between bayed cabinets for Zero-U vertical patching or cable management, freeing critical horizontal cabinet space for active equipment and improving overall density.

In the retailer's MDF, the VersaPOD's Zero-U vertical space is leveraged as an efficient cable management system.


The stacked blade environment is supported by the VersaPOD's vertical patch panels (VPP), allowing patch cords to be routed directly from the equipment to the adjacent vertical spaces. The configuration limits patch cord slack congestion and improves server accessibility in this very dense environment.

In the switch layout, VersaPOD's vertical patching channels (VPC) are used to manage patching runs between equipment and traditional horizontal patch panels. With cords running in the VPCs instead of being managed in the horizontal, access to connections is improved and a major source of airflow obstruction is eliminated.

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