Core-Mark International Relies on Siemon GPS for Physical Layer Network Upgrades



  • Founded in 1888
  • Large distributor of packaged consumer products
  • Serves over 24,000 retail locations
  • 26 distribution centers


Convenience retail


Core-Mark is one of the largest distributors of packaged consumer products to the convenience retail industry in North America, providing distribution and logistics services as well as marketing programs to over 20,000 retail locations in 50 states and 5 Canadian provinces through its 25 distribution centers.

Core-Mark needed network upgrades for remote branch offices and needed a reliable partner to implement these upgrades.


Siemon GPS was enlisted to manage physical layer network upgrades for remote Core-Mark branch offices in the U.S.

Core-Mark specified Siemon GPS to follow the GPS Process while managing all elements of the project, including design support, labor, logistics and accounting. This eliminated the need for onsite supervision from Core-Mark's corporate IT staff.


The most recent project brought over 350 new, fully-tested network drops to Core-Mark's San Francisco, CA office and included the removal of abandoned cables. According to the Core-Mark project leader, the upgrade received a perfect score on all GPS benchmarks.

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