Global Invoicing

With an array of tax laws, compliance, currencies and requirements, global companies are faced with complex project fulfillment and billing needs. To further complicate matters, the world is constantly changing with new regulations and varying levels of local and cross-border requirements, and global companies have a variety of stakeholders spread across the world that all must be satisfied when it comes to budgeting and invoicing. Will the budget be allocated locally or centrally? Will VAT tax recovery for international projects be possible? Do local quotes need to be converted to US dollars to track against roll-out project budgets? Do remote site quotes need to be provided in local currency?

Since 1999, GPS has been working with our clients to support global invoicing and budgeting needs through our GPS invoicing centers around the world. Our team of trusted experts understands regional environments, circumstances and requirements and keeps track of changes in the ever-changing global business landscape to assist in simplifying and streamlining the entire project lifecycle for our clients, while ensuring compliance and reducing risk. To serve our global clients, GPS has established worldwide invoicing centers at the following locations.

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