Microsoft Visio Shapes

Siemon has over 150 new product shapes for Microsoft Visio and there are two ways to get them. For detailed product listings of all Visio shapes and accessibility to regular updates - sign up for Visio Network Center Online. To simply download all of the latest shapes right now - you can download directly from our site. See below for details on both options. Please be sure to have the proper recommended version of VNE (99.2 or 2000.1), and either Visio Professional 2000 or Visio Enterprise 2000 to download the shapes properly.

Visio Network Center Online
Microsoft has a new web site for accessing Visio shapes. The new web site is called Visio Network Center Online (visit the web site at: and is a fee-based subscriber service. The Microsoft Visio Network Center Online web site is updated monthly, and provides the latest additions for all manufacturers shapes.

Siemon Direct
For your convenience, the shapes are also available free of charge for immediate download from You can select the desired area from the following choices based upon the product families in our company catalog or you can download them all.

Note: Winzip or similar unzipping program required to decompress these files.

Although there are many additional shapes currently under development, please feel free to send suggestions for new or missing shapes to

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