Zone Cabling

Enabling Highly Flexible Infrastructure for Today’s Intelligent Building

A zone cabling design consists of horizontal cables run from the telecommunications room (TR) to an intermediate connection point that is typically housed in a zone enclosure located in the ceiling space, on the wall, or below an access floor. From the zone enclosure, shorter easy-to-manage links connect directly to devices or to outlets serving voice, data or other systems.

Zone cabling enables rapid reorganization and faster, less disruptive moves, adds and changes because changes are limited to the shorter cabling link between the zone enclosure and the device instead of the entire length of horizontal cabling. This highly flexible infrastructure is ideally suited for intelligent buildings and the convergence of devices such as LED lights, security cameras, wireless access points or building automation controllers over one unified network.

Ideal for deployments in air handling spaces, Siemon’s plenum-rated zone cabling enclosures work in conjunction with Siemon’s plenum-rated cabling, Surface Mount Boxes, Surface Pack Boxes and outlets, as well as the Z-PLUG™ Field Terminated Plug that can be utilized on either end of links coming from the zone enclosure.


24-Port MAX® Zone Unit Enclosure


This low-profile enclosure accepts up to 24 ports using flat MAX® (copper or fiber) Z-MAX® or TERA® outlets to support a wide range of horizontal copper and fiber applications.

  • Enables flexible copper and fiber distribution for LANs, PONs and intelligent buildings
  • Meets plenum and non-plenum rating requirements
  • Features foam gasket to prevent dust ingress and integrated labeling for port identification

Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure


The Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure is a flexible, economic solution to support zone cabling in a variety of enterprise workspaces. Designed to meet UL 2043 plenum requirements and install flush within a 2x2 ft. drop ceiling tile space the Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure accepts up to 96 ports.

  • Cut ceiling panels easily slide into the door to blend into decor
  • Fully adjustable 4U rack system supports a load capacity of 31.7 kg (70 lbs.)
  • Hinged door and tilting bracket enable easy access to ports

MAX® Zone Unit Enclosure


Available in 24- and 48-ports, the MAX Zone Unit Enclosure is a high-density solution designed for use with low-profile sub-floor applications.

  • Tie anchor points (hook and loop cable managers included) and fiber managers located within the enclosure 
  • 48-port version includes internal support posts to provide additional structural support

Cable Tray Rack


Ideal for zone deployments in any telecommunications space or data center, Siemon’s Cable Tray Rack delivers 4U of easily installed and accessible 19-inch rack mount space above cabinets and racks without consuming additional floor space.

  • Can be used as zone cabling solution for distributing copper and fiber cabling to groups of racks or cabinets.
  • Also ideal as a zone cabling solution in colocation data centers for distributing cabling from meet-me rooms to groups of tenant spaces
  • Attaches to overhead cable tray or ladder rack and can be mounted perpendicular or parallel to tray/ladder rack
  • 2U, 4U and 6U versions available with a 27 kg (60 lbs.) load rating