Data Center Design Services

Enabling efficient, cost-effective data center cabling infrastructure


When designing, deploying or upgrading a data center, it’s common practice to turn to expert advice on switching, server and storage technologies. But when you consider that this critical equipment all relies on having the right power, cooling and cabling infrastructure to ensure performance, reliability, efficiency and scalability, expert guidance on selecting and deploying these solutions is just as vital.

Siemon has focused its more than century of cabling expertise into a global data center service network, capable of guiding you through the process of selecting and designing the infrastructure you need to realize the full potential of your data center while offering you the on-going support you need to respond quickly to changing needs, prevent downtime and maintain peak performance and efficiency. Part of our Advanced Data Center Solutions, Siemon’s global Data Center Design Services team provides the analysis and strategies to help ensure that your data center supports the needs of today while being resilient and scalable to support whatever comes tomorrow.

Siemon comprehensive Data Center Design Services include:

  • Comprehensive Site Surveys
  • Full Scopes of Work
  • Thorough Document Review
  • Detailed Floor Plans
  • Cabling and Pathway Layouts
  • Bills of Materials
  • 2D Drawings and 3D BIM Modeling
  • Preconfigured Cabinet Solutions
  • Design and Deployment Strategies

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