About Siemon GPS

siemon-companySiemon GPS is an innovative services team that proactively works with our global network of Siemon Certified Installers to provide a consistent, high quality delivery of multi-site cabling projects for end users.

GPS can coordinate our network of global installers to perform cabling and physical layer work anywhere in the world. Our global team of internal GPS coordinators ensure customer projects are completed on time and within budget.

GPS is a division of The Siemon Company, a 4th generation family business providing quality service, innovation and value since 1903.

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GPS Mission Statement

Siemon GPS is an innovative services team that proactively manages global projects, professional services, infrastructure moves adds & changes (I-MAC) and break-fix layer 1 support. These layer one services allow our clients to build a world class IT network on a strong layer one foundation giving clients a industry compliant cabling infrastructure that will meet their network needs for future IT life cycles and on call global project support when needed.

Why call GPS?

  • A business with over a century of stable family ownership (1903) and a global service division that was established in 1999
  • Our clients scope of work rating on GPS managed projects
  • Global single point of contact for professional services as well as project coordination services
  • Global trained certified installers that will provide timely local support
  • On-demand physical layer resources to provide consistent cabling and installation quality across every site
  • Comprehensive checks and balances on scope of work (SOW) delivery
  • Follow the sun (after hours) on call support +1(860) 444-9281
  • GPS webTRAC™ - A secure web enabled project tracking portal that allows clients full project visibility and project history.

We offer full service from start to finish

These five technical components allow Siemon GPS to offer a complete managed services solution (Professional Services) to our clients or in an “a la carte” fashion by allowing clients to choose all, or only the specific services that pertain to them and their individual project or business requirements.