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BIM (Building Information Modeling) Download Center

Siemon's AIA and NIBS Standards-Compliant BIM Models from BIMobject® for Copper and Fiber Patching, Racks, Cabinets, Cable Management, Accessories, PDUs, Zone Enclosures and Work Area in RevIT

Free BIM models for data centers

Siemon's growing library of standards-compliant RevIT BIM models on BIMobject® make it easier to specify and incorporate components into drawings and bid packages, while facilitating accurate design of data centers, LANs and intelligent buildings in a way that ensures reliability, performance and scalability.


Copper Patching

TERA-MAX Patch Panels
HD 6 Patch Panels
Z-MAX 6A UTP Patch Panels (Flat and Angled)

Fiber Patching/Enclosures

Rack Mount Interconnect Center (RIC3)
Fiber Connect Panel (FCP3)
Flat Quick-Pack Adapter Plates
Wall Mount Interconnect Center (SWIC3)
LightStack Ultra High Density Fiber Enclosures (1U and 4U)
Plug And Play Modules

Racks/Cable Management

VersaPOD 4-Post Rack
Extended Depth RS Rack System
RS Rack System
RS3 Cable Management Rack System
RouteIT Cable Managers
Cable Tray Rack


VersaPOD Cabinet
VersaPOD (VP2) SidePOD and Baffle
VersaPOD Zero-U Sliding Vertical Patch Panels
VersaPOD Zero-U End-of-Row Vertical Panels
VersaPOD Zero-U Vertical Cable Management
VersaPOD Zero-U PDU Mounting Brackets
VersaPOD Zero-U Vertical Blanking Panel
V800 Cabinets and Accessories
V800 Lid Dividers
V600 Cabinet and Accessories
V600/V800 Vertical Cable Trays
Wall Mount Cabinet
Equipment Shelf - Double-Sided
4-Post Adjustable Depth Shelves
Blank Filler Panel - Angled
Blank Filler Panel - Flat
SnapFit Thermal Blanking Panel (Toolless)
Aisle Containment Solutions
Cold Aisle Containment System - EMEA Only


Metered PDUs

Zone Enclosures

24-Port MAX Zone Unit Enclosure
Low Profile MAX Zone Unit Enclosure

Work Area

Stainless Steel MAX Faceplates
MAX Modular Faceplates