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MapIT® G2

Next-Generation Automated Infrastructure Management
for Physical Layer Network Management

  • Monitor Your Network...
  • Manage Your Network...
  • Protect Your Network...Wherever It Is

483 Senior IT leaders
list intelligence,
security and disaster
recovery as their top 3
concerns(2013 S International IT Trends Study)

82 % of IT
professionals say
downtime was caused
by IT personnel making
errors when
configuring changes(2014 Avaya Network Downtime Study)

The average cost per
downtime incident is
$140K with the financial
sector averaging
$540K per incident(2014 Avaya Network Downtime Study)

MapIT G2 Highlights

MapIT G2 integrates a powerful combination of innovative Smart Patch Panels, user-friendly Master Control Panels and EagleEye™ Connect software to provide real-time tracking and reporting of network-wide physical layer activity. This benchmark Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) system offers truly unparalleled ability to manage a complex network.


Detailed Network Views
Hierarchical views map your entire network, from rack and cabinet infrastructure views, to work area and floor layouts - all with complete circuit diagrams, including active equipment. Circuit diagrams are also displayed locally on MapIT® G2’s LCD-equipped Control Panels and Smart Patch Panels and Enclosures.

Database Accuracy
All network information is stored in a software-driven database, which is automatically updated in real time as moves, adds and changes are made, ensuring that the network condition is known at all times.
Maximizes Utilization of Networking Assets
EagleEye™ Connect utilization reports let you see available switch or patch panel ports. End devices can be tracked by location, equipment type, manufacturer, service or other criteria, providing better visibility and utilization of these critical assets.


Reduce Downtime
MapIT G2 circuit trace capability quickly identifies the location of a fault in a channel - information can be displayed on MapIT panels to guide onsite staff, drastically reducing the time required to find and fix a network outage.

Better Manage Remote Sites
MapIT provides a real-time view of networks at remote offices, helping to ensure compliance with corporate IT policies and discouraging unauthorized changes to the network.
Streamline Work Order Process
Use EagleEye Connect integrated work order module to ensure that orders are completed properly. Also, work orders can include pictures of circuit traces, rack views and floor layouts, providing useful visual aids for technicians.


Real-Time Alerts
EagleEye Connect can send e-mail alerts to IT or security staff in real time when unauthorized events occur on the network - such as detecting unauthorized devices attempting to connect to your LAN.

Regulatory Compliance
EagleEye Connect maintains an audit log of all network events, simplifying compliance with regulatory mandates, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, ITIL, HIPAA, FDA 21 CFR Part II, etc.
Improve Response Time
EagleEye Connect software features a robust search engine. Help desk staff can use this feature to quickly locate any item on your network and view its attributes and connections.

MapIT G2 - The New Intelligence

Despite the benefits to network professionals, AIM systems have earned a reputation as difficult and complicated to implement. As much as the management efficiencies and security capabilites of these systems provide a clear and immediate impact on network operations, their perceived complexity was seen as a barrier to some.

MapIT G2 was developed specifically to eliminate that complexity. By bringing intelligence directly to the patch panel and fiber enclosure, systems are deployed faster with better function. User-friendly 1U MapIT G2 Control Panels can monitor up to 2880 of these smart ports each via simple bus connections. These control panels then provide a central interface to the EagleEye™ software - a single connection to your entire network.

And MapIT G2's unique benefits don’t stop there...


Smart panels and fiber enclosures feature a graphic LCD for patch cord tracing, diagnostics and technician guidance. The LCD can also display dynamic labeling information pulled directly from the EagleEye database.

The MCP collects data from all panels in the system and relays it to the MapIT database. This advanced device provides a large LCD screen and keypad to interface to the EagleEye Connect software - eliminating the need for technicians to access the software directly..

MapIT G2 is built for reliability. All components have been through extensive durability testing and exceed a 20-year MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). If that weren’t enough, we also built in redundant power and Ethernet connections into the Master Control Panel. Finally, the entire system is modular and in the unlikely event that any component fails, it can be replaced or repaired without disrupting critical network connections and applications.

75% Lower Power Consumption
In addition to all the state-of-the-art features MapIT® G2 has to offer, it uses much less power than competing systems. In fact, MapIT G2 uses up to 75% less power than other intelligent cable management systems. It also features time out settings, which can reduce power consumption even further.

Reduced Heat Generation
MapIT G2 components are optimized to run cool in data center applications. All components generate virtually no heat and do not require cooling fans. Additionally, the components are very low profile (1U) so they do not impede airflow in cabinets.

80% Higher Density
MapIT G2 innovative design dramatically reduces the amount of rack space required for intelligent infrastructure management components. Because the intelligence is built into the patch panels, MapIT G2 provides up to 80% better density than competing systems. For example, some systems require up to 60 rack mount spaces to manage 20,000 ports. MapIT G2 can manage the same number of ports with only 7U of rack space.

76% Reduction in Pathway Space Usage
With intelligence built into the Smart Patch Panels and fiber enclosures, there’s no need to run individual cable from a central analyzer or scanner to each panel. This reduces the amount of pathway space required to connect the intelligent system. For example, in even a medium size closet with about 2,000 managed ports, the cable required to connect MapIT G2 components requires up to 76% less pathway space versus competing systems.

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The MapIT G2 TERA system combines two best-in-class systems into one. The MapIT G2 Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) system is now available in a fully shielded TERA solution. TERA, already the highest performing and most secure twisted pair cabling system, now features MapIT G2 technology built into the category 7A/classFA patch panels and cords.

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EagleEye Connect Software

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Siemon’s EagleEye Connect (EEC) automated infrastructure management software provides unparalleled network visualization, IT asset monitoring and connectivity management capabilities. Physical layer connections and IT device status are automatically monitored and documented, providing IT staff a highly reliable database of information for network management decisions.

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