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ConvergeIT™ - Plenum-Rated Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings

Part of Siemon’s line of ConvergeIT Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings, plenum-rated cables, cords, connecting hardware, and enclosures combine Siemon’sproven quality with advanced copper cabling technology to support a variety of IP-based network, wireless, building automation, lighting, audiovisual, security and life safety devices located within a building’s plenum (air-handling) spaces. Ideal for converging all low-voltage systems onto a single unified physical infrastructure.

In accordance with the National Electric Code® (NFPA 70), Siemon ConvergeIT plenum-rated components meet UL 2043 requirements for smoke and heat release in air-handling spaces, including above drop ceilings and under raised floors. The 24-Port MAX Zone Unit Enclosure is ideal for supporting cost-saving zone cabling designs that enable shorter, easy-to-manage connections to equipment/service outlets and devices. Patch cords, outlets and surface mount boxes are ideal for providing connectivity in the plenum space for Wi-Fi access points, audiovisual equipment, surveillance cameras and a wide range of sensors, control panels and detectors for access control, LED lighting, alarm systems, temperature, air handling/ventilation and many other security and building automation systems used in today’s intelligent buildings.

Siemon’s plenum-rated cabling solutions include: