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VersaPOD Cabinet (Legacy)

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See our newest VersaPOD cabinet and specifications.

Siemon's new VersaPOD cabinet system represents the latest generation of VersaPOD cabinets and feature a number of enhancements while maintaining the core functionality, including Siemon¿s exclusive Zero-U cable management and vertical patching capability. The VersaPOD's combination of additional front-to-back cabinet space and space saving ZERO-U patching is ideal for high-density data center environments, enabling increased cabling and equipment density while providing excellent accessibility and thermal efficiency.

All of the VersaPOD's unique features are integrated into a full-featured modular enclosure that is equally effective as a standalone network and server cabinet or in a multi-unit bayed configuration, offering a simple, scalable expansion path in any data center.

  • Split Side Panels - Provide easy, modular access and feature integrated grounding tabs to ensure proper bonding when installed
  • Dual Hinge Doors - On front and rear of frame providing unobstructed access to both rack mounting and Zero-U space as needed
  • Perforated Doors - Feature over 71% airflow to allow proper airflow to equipment while providing a rigid door functionality
  • 6" Depth - Between mounting rails and cabinet doors allow for superior cable management and accessibility for mounted equipment
  • Integrated Cabinet Door Bonding - Via conductive surfaces at the mating location of the cabinet door and cabinet frame create a grounding path when the doors are installed - eliminating the need for ground wires
  • Fully Adjustable Mounting Rails - Can be readily configured to support any range of equipment depths requirements
  • Recessed Corner Posts - Provide unimpeded cabling access across the entire front, rear and sides of cabinets - even when bayed


Innovative Design
Innovative Design
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Airflow Isolation Plates - minimize front-to-back air recirculation at top and bottom of cabinet
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Compliant Cabinet Depth - The 1200mm (47.2 in.) cabinet is precisely 1200mm deep, allowing for full access to adjacent tiles immediately in front or in back of placed cabinets

Height* 42U: 2016mm (79.4 in.)
45U: 2150mm (84.6 in.)
Width 762mm (30.0 in.)
Depth VP1: 1000mm (39.4 in.)
VP2: 1200mm (47.2 in.)
Weight ** 42U VP1: 143kg (316 lbs.) / VP2: 157kg (347 lbs.)
45U VP1: 150kg (331 lbs.) / VP2: 162kg (358 lbs.)
Usable Depth (Rail-to-Rail) MAX VP1: 615mm (24.2 in.)
VP2: 815mm (32.1 in.)
Load Rating Static: 1361kg (3000 lbs.)
Dynamic: 1021kg (2250 lbs.)
Base Type Open
Color Black (RAL 9011)
% Door Perforation 71%
U Space Identification Yes
Lid Cable Access Openings VP1A: 3 (large), 4 (small), 0 brushes
VP1B: 3 (large), 0 (small), 4 brushes
VP2A: 4 (large), 6 (small), 0 brushes
VP2B: 4 (large), 0 (small), 4 brushes
Material CRS of varying thicknesses
Finish Textured powder coat
Standards Compliance UL 60950-1 Ed2.0, EIA/ECA-310-E, IP2ø

* Nominal height with adjustable leveling feet or castors
** Does not include packaging - add 33kg (72 lbs.) for packaging

Part Numbers

VP(X)A-(X)(X)(X)(X)(X)1-(XX)  VersaPOD cabinet system, Black

Use 1st (X) to specify Depth: 1 = 1000 mm (40 in.) x 760 mm (30 in.), 2 = 1200 mm (48 in.) x 760 mm (30 in.)

Use 2nd (X) to specify Side Panels: 0 = No Side Panels, 1 = 1 Side Panel, 2 = 2 Side Panels

Use 3rd (X) to specify Front Door: 0 = No Front Door, A = Full Vented, B = Split Vented, C = Split Solid

Use 4th (X) to specify Rear Door: 0 = No Front Door, A = Full Vented, B = Split Vented, C = Split Solid

Use 5th (X) to specify Lock: 1 = Keyed Lock, 2 = Tumbler Combination Lock

Use 6th (X) to specify Castors: 1 = None, 2 = Castors

Use (XX) to specify Height: 42 = 42U, 45 = 45U

All cabinets include:
(4) leveling feet
(50) combo M6 screws w/cup washers
(50) M6 cage nuts
(1) cage nut removal tool
(1) combo torx/philips head driver
(1) 13mm/14mm wrench
(5) door/side panel keys

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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