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Project Assistance Program

The Siemon Company's Project Assistance Program serves as the central point of contact to manage all of your physical layer needs.

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Through our global network of highly trained and certified designers and installers,The Siemon Company Project Assistance Program provides clients with consistently high quality Siemon cabling installations anywhere in the world. By leveraging Siemon internal resources and the resources of our worldwide allies, The Siemon Company Project Assistance Team becomes the primary contact for all your structured cabling needs.

Siemon's Project Assistance Program was developed to provide our clients with a process that ensures successful implementation and completion of their telecommunications cabling infrastructure projects. This is achieved through effective information gathering at the front end of the project. Before any resources are committed, Siemon determines the client's requirements, time frames and budget and then engineers a solution that is both cost effective and satisfactory to the long- and short-term goals of the customer. Your first step is to contact our Project Assistance Team so we can gather critical project information to recommend the best solution.

Siemon's Project Assistance Program also offers national and international Siemon-direct field support personnel, a highly trained technical support staff to give professional guidance of products, technical questions, and project support, and a dedicated support team to ensure the success of The Siemon Cabling System®

The Simplified Process
The Siemon Company takes the lead to simplify multiple site projects by providing a single point of contact, pre-qualifying contractors, utilizing global resources to address international installation requirements, and ensuring the quality and standardization of all installations.

If you have questions on how the Project Assistance Program can work for you, send email to or call at 1(800) 365-2285 or worldwide.

International Offices

- The Siemon Company USA
- The Siemon Company China
- Siemon China – Shanghai
- The Siemon Company Southeast Asia
- The Siemon Company Ltd. Europe & Middle East
- The Siemon Company Australia
- Siemon Australia – Melbourne
- The Siemon Company Canada
- Latin American Sales - Argentina
- Latin American Sales - Brazil
- Latin American Sales - Mexico
- Latin American Sales - Other Latin American Countries

One Point of Contact
The Siemon Company provides one point of contact for any or all aspects of a telecommunications cabling infrastructure project, including bid specification, implementation, design/engineering, labor coordination, material handling, and resource management both nationally and globally.

Global Distribution
The Siemon Company's authorized distributor network benefits the customer with competitive pricing and local stock support.

Training Network
When it comes to MAC (moves, adds and changes), our world-class training is available to educate customers on maintaining their warranteed Siemon Cabling Systems®.

Global Installation
Our global network of certified installers are available worldwide. All of our certified installers:

  • Are highly trained on design, installation and administration of The Siemon Cabling System®
  • Provide consistent installations worldwide

  • Are supported by a dedicated Siemon Company support team (Program Support Services) on registration, design, warranty issues, new product development, troubleshooting and project support

  • Provide customers with a cabling system that exceeds standard ANSI and ISO requirements

On-line Marketing
The Siemon Company web site provides an extensive amount of support material and is continually adding more content. Our site includes:

  • White Papers

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Global Industry Standards Overview

  • e-catalog for easy product selection

  • On-line directory of Technical Support, Customer Service, and International Offices

If you have questions on how the Project Assistance Program can work for you, send email to

For complete contact information, see our international office contact information.