ConvergeIT Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings

There’s a revolution going on inside the walls and ceilings of modern buildings. It’s the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart buildings where more devices than ever converge onto a common IT infrastructure, allowing low-voltage building systems like voice, data, security, AV, lighting and HVAC to communicate with each other via Internet Protocol (IP) to provide significant cost savings and sustainability over the life of the facility, while improving overall user experience, wellbeing and productivity. Siemon’s Digital Building Architecture brochure will help you navigate and understand the infrastructure requirements to support low power/low bandwidth and high power/high bandwidth applications while making sure your project is future minded.

The foundation to converged and integrated building systems is a single unified physical infrastructure that transmits information and delivers power to devices using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology – everything from IP phones, desktop computers and wireless access points, to surveillance cameras, LED lighting, distributed antenna systems and building automation devices.  ConvergeIT brings together Siemon’s advanced cabling systems and intelligent building program expertise with a team of like-minded innovative building system partners and certified Digital Lighting Partners (DLPs) to help customers around the world build profitable intelligent buildings and a better future by changing the way we build.

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ConvergeIT - Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings

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