Hyperscale Data Centers

Innovation, global capabilities and custom fiber solutions with superior performance in record time at the right price for today's hyperscale data centers

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Edge Computing

Demand for real-time analytics is driving the need to move processing power to the edge of the network. Siemon provides IT infrastructure to help support the high levels of content being generated by IoT devices and the increased demands for bandwidth and speed.

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Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

In today’s constantly connected world, having reliable mobile wireless voice and data service is a must for any structure where large amounts of people gather. Even with the rise of 5G technologies sprouting across the world, there remains a connectivity issue while in an office building, sports arena or other structure where building materials block or interrupt cellular signals or wireless networks become overloaded.

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With the increased use of mobile devices, Wi-Fi is now ubiquitous with broad reaching adoption across all types of facilities – from offices, schools, universities and hospitals, to entertainment, hospitality and retail venues. With the growth of Wi-Fi has come significant developments in the technology, advancing from 10 to 100 Mb/s to Gigabit speeds and beyond to support everything from mission critical business applications to streaming of ultra-high-definition video.

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Audio/Visual Solutions

Over the past decade, many AV applications like video and projection displays, video conferencing and digital signage have shifted to connecting via copper and fiber LAN cabling. This is due to more systems converging onto a common cabling infrastructure and the introduction of applications like HDBaseT™ that support the transmission of ultra-high definition 4K video and audio along with 100 Mb/s Ethernet-based communication, USB, bidirectional control signals and 100W of power over a single twisted-pair cable for distances up to 100 meters using standard 8P8C (RJ45) connectivity.

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Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

The ability to deliver DC power to IP-based devices over twisted-pair copper cabling using remote powering technology like Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Power over HDBaseT (POH) has made a significant impact on today’s network infrastructure deployments. Today more than 100 million PoE-enabled ports are shipping annually, and it’s no wonder considering the benefits that remote powering delivers – faster deployment, 75% less cost than an AC power run and the ability to receive centralized back-up power, just to name a few.

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Over the past decade, the security and surveillance industry has evolved to IP-based cameras, access control and intrusion detection devices due to easier installation, improved integration capabilities, higher resolution, enhanced intelligence and analytics, remote access and the ability to power devices using remote powering technologies like power over Ethernet (PoE). In fact, IP security cameras now dominate the security market.

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Internet of Things

IoT and IIoT devices require robust connectivity and network solutions to protect critical real time data. Siemon provides high-performance copper and fiber connectivity solutions to meet the unique demands of these devices.

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Protecting data from the elements of harsh industrial and outdoor environments are vital to networks that are providing real time data. Siemon specializes in ruggedized Ethernet connectivity that can stand up to the most extreme environments.

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OEM Solutions

Siemon has the design expertise, resources and manufacturing capabilities to work with industry leaders to design, test and manufacture customized network connectivity solutions which meet specific applications and market needs.

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